Nick Jonas claps back at 'very rude' fan who trolled him about his height

Nick Jonas claps back at 'very rude' fan who trolled him about his height

As much as we envy their lives a lot of the time, sometimes I reckon being a celebrity must be pretty annoying. Unlike you or I, celebrities can't go about their day without anyone noticing. Imagine that every time you pop out to the shops, someone stops you for a photo. Or every time you are out for a meal with your friends/family, someone will ask for an autograph, or will start taking photos of you on the sly; it would be unbearable.

However, while some celebrities flat out refuse to take photos with their fans, some are a bit more accommodating and are willing to spend some time with their adoring public.

Someone who seems to fall into the latter category is Nick Jonas, who was happy to pose for a photo with a fan when he bumped into him in the street. Now, maybe it's just me, but if someone is willing to stop for you in the street and take some time out of their day to have a photo with you, you should probably say something nice about them when you post the picture on social media, right?

Credit: Instagram

Apparently this wasn't the case for one fan, who after seeing the star out on the street, decided to insult him about his height. According to People Celebrity, Jonas measures in at 5"7 and it's safe to say he wasn't too happy with the fans insult. The image, which was uploaded by Instagram user Zak_Hanzal, was captioned with: "@NickJonas u need a few more inches bruhh."

Jonas appeared to take exception from the insulting caption (I'm surprised he even checks his mentions to be honest, there must be thousands) and clapped back to the user, saying: "You need some manners, "bruh," I didn't need to stop to take that picture with you. Just rude. Very rude."

Credit: Twitter/@drugproblem

It seems like the dig at Jonas' height certainly touched a nerve and that he was pretty hurt about the caption, although he does make a good point about the fact that he didn't need to stop to take the photo in the first place, so maybe a bit of gratitude wouldn't have gone a miss.

Unsurprisingly, users of social network sites such as Twitter found the whole thing completely hilarious and poked fun at how upset Jonas had got about the whole incident, with one tweet in particular going viral.

The fan's Instagram account is now private due to the amount of attention the post was getting, although he has apparently change his tune since the post went viral. People reports that the fan changed the caption of the photo to read: "One of the most humble superstars... MY MAN @nickjonas."

Amazingly, that seems to have been enough to calm Jonas down, with the star responding to the change of caption with his own nice message: "Hey ya'll... it's all good," Jonas wrote. "No need to spread hate."

Fairplay to Jonas for calming the situation down and interacting with his fanbase, who I'm sure will think twice about their captions next time they have a photo with the star.