OJ Simpson removed from casino after drunken outburst

OJ Simpson removed from casino after drunken outburst

OJ Simpson is known better for the many controversies that he's been embroiled in, rather than his largely successful career as a former National Football League running back. Certainly, the man that is often referred to as The Juice was the subject of not one, but two documentary series last year; both of which endeavoured to track his involvement in the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. While people around the world were convinced of his guilt after a lengthy and internationally publicised trial, Simpson somehow managed to walk free of the murder charge he was banded with in 1994.

However, the NFL player did end up in prison eventually. In 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping which resulted in a prison sentence of 33 years. He was granted parole in July 20th, 2017 and was released the following October. And while the majority would assume that The Juice would try to keep a low profile following his arrest, it appears that he's doing anything but.

Simpson was reportedly booted out of a Las Vegas casino on Wednesday, after a drunken outburst.

OJ Simpson Credit: Getty

After just one month of being a free man, disgraced football star, OJ Simpson, has found himself on the wrong side of law enforcement, once again.

The 70-year-old, who is currently spending his days in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been seen frequenting a number of casino bars following his release from prison. And he's clearly been making up on the nine years of boozing that he missed whilst behind bars.

TMZ reports that on Wednesday night, The Juice was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel after a drunken outburst in the venue's Clique bar.

Hotel staff have asserted that Simpson became increasingly disruptive around midnight at the bar. For unknown reasons he became enraged at hotel staff and proceeded to break glasses.

According to TMZ, Simpson had to be forcibly removed from the hotel by security staff, and has since been slapped with a lifetime ban from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and its Clique bar.

While the authorities were quickly called, and an audio clip was retrieved by TMZ of the police call, Simpson was not arrested. Simpson could have, however, violated his parole with this outburst, as the terms prohibit him from drinking to "excess".

In any case, it's now too late to test The Juice's blood alcohol level, which has to be over 0.8 for him to violate his probation.

Hotel Bar Credit: Cosmopolitan Hotel

Simpson's lawyer has since asserted that the raucous was just one big understanding, claiming that his client was neither drunk nor disruptive on Wednesday evening. I mean, it sure sounds plausible given Simpson's history of boozing and his miraculous evasion of justice, right?

Either way, OJ Simpson sure has a knack of getting himself into (and out of) trouble...