Paris Jackson wishes her baby brother Prince happy birthday by sharing rare photos of him

Paris Jackson wishes her baby brother Prince happy birthday by sharing rare photos of him

Michael Jackson died nearly a decade ago, but he lives on through his timeless music, that bizarre Moonwalker arcade game, and of course, his three children: Paris, Prince Michael Jr., and Prince Michael II, aka Blanket. You don't know what Blanket looks like, but I'm sure you remember him. Michael always covered his face with a mask, and he famously dangled the baby off a hotel balcony, in an instantly controversial moment. (Maybe he was just recreating that scene from The Lion King).

Believe it or not, Blanket just turned 16. (I know. We're all so old.) His sister, Paris, is 19, and has become a celebrity in her own right, as a model, actress and activist. She's also active on social media, giving her 2.5 million followers a window into her personal life. However, photographs of Blanket have been scarce. Since his father died, he's only appeared in public a couple times. (Which seems appropriate, given Michael's desire to protect him from fame, and give him a normal childhood.)

Prince Blanket Jackson Credit: Instagram

In honor of Blanket's 16th birthday, Paris did what siblings do: share embarrassing childhood photos on social media. Okay, actually these photos aren't embarrassing. They're just cute. In the first photo, we see Blanket as a baby, without any mask obscuring his face. The caption reads, "My lil man is 16!!!!!"

Paris Jackson Blanket Credit: Instagram

In the second photo, we seen an older Blanket posing with Paris. (Maybe this one is recent?) The caption reads "Happy birthday honey i love you."

This third photo is a screenshot from Paris' phone. For her background, she has a picture of Blanket as a boy, with long hair, wearing a paper hat. The time is blocking his face, which seems to be intentional. In the caption, Paris writes, "Out of respect to my little brothers privacy i won't be posting too many pictures but omfg iSNT HE THE F****** CUTEST."

In case you're not familiar with your Michael Jackson family HIStory: Blanket was conceived via a surrogate, whose public identity is unknown. Meanwhile, Paris and Prince Michael Jr. share the same mother, American nurse Debbie Rowe. Prince Jr.'s 21st birthday was actually a couple days ago, and Paris showed him some love. On Instagram, she shared a rare home video the two as kids, dancing to The Notorious B.I.G.'s Juicy. (And that must be Michael in the background, telling them to dance, right?)

When Michael was alive, his controversial moments often overshadowed his music, especially in the later years. You can probably blame the relentless media coverage, as he frequently struggled with how to handle fame. I wonder how he would like today's world, where celebrities use social media to broadcast their own public image. Would MJ still be reclusive, or would he be on Instagram or Snapchat? We'll never know, but maybe Paris will use the Gram to give us more sneak peaks into their lives growing up. (Just don't recreate that balcony moment.)