Piers Morgan claims that there is only one attractive member of the Kardashian family

Piers Morgan claims that there is only one attractive member of the Kardashian family

In today's instalment of Piers Morgan thrusting himself firmly into the spotlight, he has decided to take aim - in fairly hackneyed and offensive fashion - at the Kardashians. For those of you who don't know much about Piers Morgan, he is the one who loves nothing more than causing a stir on social media through his often outdated and archaic views regarding feminism and the ownership of women's bodies.

It's hardly surprising news to find out Morgan, who seems to take issue with the Kardashians and a plethora of other celebrities on a daily basis, has a problem with the Kardashians taking ownership of their bodies. The tabloid papers such as the ones that Morgan used to work for and run make a fortune from the western beauty standards that they push through their papers through topless model shoots and celebrity gossip columns. As a result, when women such as the Kardashians strip them of that power and take ownership of their own bodies, the media throw their toys out of the pram.

Piers Morgan's hatred of Kim Kardashian and other influential women is well-known. He's had spats with Kim K, Emily Ratajkowski and Amber Rose due to their methods of feminism, with the former newspaper editor believing that feminism and gender equality can only be achieved through the old-fashioned method joining the picket line and protesting with placards. It should come as no surprise, then, that according to Piers Morgan, none of the Kardashian sisters are attractive... apart from Kendall Jenner.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain this morning, the 52-year-old presenter continued his vendetta against the family, saying that he wouldn't give them "a second look in a Croydon nightclub".

The GMB presenter continued his chauvinist tirade, saying: "Kendall is the only good looking one, I think. I’m serious."

"Are we objectifying them? Yes, no more than they objectify themselves on a second-by-second basis.

"But going back to Kendall for a minute, where’s Kendall? If we’re going to do Kardashian segments, I may as well try and be interested.

"She’s the only one I think is genuinely beautiful. The others, no. I wouldn’t give them a second look in a Croydon nightclub."

There are a few things to take from this. Firstly, Piers, please don't believe that these women would give you a second look in a nightclub. While the Kardashian/Jenner's may not be to your taste, you're not exactly a work of art yourself. Secondly, the statement that "he may as well try and be interested" is comical. If there's one thing Piers Morgan is, it's interested in the Kardashians.

He is obsessed with Kim and will jump at any opportunity to vilify and crucify her to promote himself. Lastly, despite what a lot of people may think, the Kardashians don't objectify themselves; they take ownership of their bodies and use their appearance, alongside their popularity, to promote their brands.

While it's easy to scoff at men like Morgan for his obsolete and anachronistic opinions, they are actually dangerous. The more airtime men like Piers Morgan receive, the further away from reaching gender equality and an accepting society we are.