Pregnant Kylie Jenner gets large crib delivered to her home

Pregnant Kylie Jenner gets large crib delivered to her home

Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment that illustrates the problem with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. (Yes, this is the Kylie Jenner article, stick with me here.) In the experiment, the cat is locked up in a box with a small radioactive substance. It's possible the substance will kill the cat, but it's also possible the cat will survive and be just fine. If you don't open the box, you don't know if the cat is dead and alive. Therefore, the cat is simultaneously both dead and alive.

This experiment shows two things: One, physicists really hate cats. Really, Schrödinger? Out of all the animals you could have picked for this thought experiment, you pick an adorable kitty? Why not Schrödinger's cockroach? Or Schrödinger's spider? Or Schrödinger's Logan Paul? You're a monster, Schrödinger. A monster. Also, this experiment shows how scientific theory works: No one knows if a scientific theory is right or wrong until it can be tested and proved.

Well, we're now just a little bit closer to proving the scientific theory of whether or not Kylie Jenner is pregnant. (See, I told you this was the Kylie Jenner article.)

Rumors have swirled for a long time - about nine months, in fact - that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, and that rapper Travis Scott is the father. But the couple has remained coy, and refused to confirm anything, leaving frustrated fans to analyze photos. Most recently, we saw a photograph purporting to show the 20-year-old reality star shopping at a CVS near Cedar's Sinai hospital with a huge baby bump. However, it's possible that Kylie was just stealing a bunch of stuff, and hiding it under her oversized green hoodie. It's also possible that the lady in that picture is not Kylie Jenner at all.

Kylie Jenner Large Crib Credit: Juliano /

Well, now some new photographs have leaked that may be the most convincing evidence yet: On Tuesday, Kylie Jenner had a large white crib delivered to her home. In the pictures, you can see a team of three men assembling it, while two security guys watch. Clearly, the Kardashians are sparing no expense when it comes to this child's comfort. That crib is nicer than any bed I've ever had.

Kylie Jenner large crib Credit: Juliano /

If they delivered a crib to Kylie's residence, there are three possible explanations: 1) Kylie is preggers. 2) This crib is a present for her half-sister, Kim Kardashian, who recently had a baby girl via her surrogate. 3) The crib is for Kylie, who has "adult baby syndrome," and enjoys dressing up like a baby to regress to an infant-like state. (It's called 'paraphilic infantilism.' Look it up! Actually, don't look it up.) I think the first explanation is the most plausible.

Like, Schrödinger's cat, until we see undeniable proof of Kylie's baby, we'll have to consider her both 'pregnant' and 'not pregnant.' But these photos of the large crib bring us a little bit. Perhaps in future science textbooks, "Schrödinger's cat" will be replaced with "Kylie's baby." That hypothetical cat's been tortured long enough.