Prince Harry to spend a vast sum of money on a hair transplant

Prince Harry to spend a vast sum of money on a hair transplant

The world's eyes are firmly gripped on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The couple, who announced their engagement at the back end of last year, are set to marry in May 2018 and it's all getting very exciting. The wedding looks set to defy numerous royal conventions, with the couple refraining from getting married in Westminster Abbey due to Meghan being a divorcee as well as her father looking 'less likely' to a speech, meaning that she will do so in his place.

However, while Meghan and her family may be grabbing the headlines in the build-up to the occasion, it looks like Harry will be the one in the press once they have tied the knot. According to various reports, the prince is set to spend a vast amount of money on a hair transplant.

Obviously aware of the turmoils that his brother, William, has had with his locks, Harry has decided to take action before it's too late. While Will has been spotted sporting a new buzz cut, Harry wants to hold on to his famous ginger hair for as long as he possibly can, even if it means going under the knife. A source close to the prince said:

“Harry knows that with his family genes he’s going to be losing a lot of hair in the coming few years.

He’s noticed on a lot of his appearances with Meghan that a bald patch at the top back of his scalp is getting much bigger."

It's believed that he will wait for the wedding to be over and done with before he goes ahead with the procedure as he's aware of the attention it will bring. However, Meghan is fully supportive of Harry's decision, with the actress having seen plenty of her friends in Hollywood undergo a similar procedure and be happy with the result. But, despite his keenness for the operation, it will set the prince back £50,000 and he will need to get clearance from the Royal Family before he goes ahead.

The source said: “He’s a modern prince and he wants to stay looking as young as possible for as long as possible.”

“Meghan helped to talk him into it because she’s seen dozens of her male friends in Hollywood going for these treatments and thinks they are amazing.

Harry is looking at splashing out on the expensive procedure later in the year when all the commotion around the wedding calms down.”

“Harry knows everyone will make a massive deal out of it, but he feels he’s young enough at 33 that he shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to reverse his hair loss.”

Harry is determined to go ahead with this although he’s sworn all his mates to secrecy.

He wants to have all the procedures completed by the end of the year.”

So Harry is following the steps of Wayne Rooney, Chris Martin and Matthew McConaughey in preserving his hair through any means necessary. Although, for £50,000, you'd just shave it off, wouldn't you?