This is the reason Kate Middleton wasn't wearing her engagement ring last week

This is the reason Kate Middleton wasn't wearing her engagement ring last week

The attention that gets paid to actors like Jennifer Lawrence or celebrities like the Kardashians can get a little ridiculous at times. Every moment of their lives will be analyzed, from the way they act in public to the clothes they wear in public. Many will say that this comes with the territory, which is true, but it doesn't make it any less strange to picture yourself in their shoes for a day.

Things get knocked up a notch when you're not only a celebrity, but a fully-fledged member of a royal family. Deciding to date, or eventually marry, a member of the British Royal family must be a difficult decision to make. On one hand, you may be totally in love with your partner; but, on the other, you will have to kiss your public life goodbye.

With no more anonymous trips to the store and with endless instructions on how exactly you are meant to act in public, it sounds like a bit of a nightmare at times. The list of rules and regulations are endless, with some leaving you wondering why they haven't been changed in recent years.

Since Meghan Markle has become engaged to Prince Harry, she now has plenty of things she'll have to wave goodbye to. For instance, she'll no longer be able to take selfies, manage her own personal social media accounts, cross her legs while sitting, or even wear colorful nail varnish. Even her autograph signing will have to remain restricted to official signings at royal engagements.

Kate Middleton has already gone through this process and has likely grown used to it after the seven years she has spent married to Prince William. But the Duchess of Cambridge will still find people questioning her every move all the same, like many did recently when she was seen in public without her famous sapphire ring.

The engagement ring was originally given to Princess Diana and was passed on to her sons after her death. Now Middleton is always seen wearing the ring after William proposed to her in 2010 - at least she was, until last week.

When she was visiting Great Ormond Street children's hospital on Wednesday last week, Middleton was seen only wearing her wedding band rather than the sapphire ring. Many speculated what the reason for this could be, but the answer was surprising.

kate middleton children's hospital Credit: Getty

Kensington Palace have now confirmed that this was for hygiene reasons. Due to the intricate nature of the ring, it could end up being a health risk - which was an issue as she was visiting a hospital that day.

The ring could potentially bring in bacteria to where she was meeting with seriously sick children, which would conflict with the guidelines of the hospital - which apply to all, regardless of whether you're a royal or not.

However, the ring was seen back on her left hand this week when she visited youngsters at Roe Green Junior School to launch a programme that is meant to support children's mental health at school.