Reddit user gets Bill Gates as her Secret Santa, and here's what he gave her

Reddit user gets Bill Gates as her Secret Santa, and here's what he gave her

When you play Secret Santa, it could go either way. You might get something awesome, or you might get something crappy that was obviously plucked at random out of the Wal-Mart bargain bin. (A DVD of We Bought A Zoo? Thanks, Adam. You shouldn’t have.) You hope that whoever got your name is thoughtful - or, even better, totally loaded.

Well, you know who’s the best person to get for Secret Santa? Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder is worth $90 billion, making him the second richest person in the world. Every Christmas, he participates in RedditGifts, a Secret Santa gift exchange on Reddit. Over the years, Bill’s become known for giving generous, thoughtful presents, tailor-made for each lucky person.

Bill Gates Secret Santa presents Credit: Megan Cummins

This year Megan Cummins, who goes by the Reddit username VietteLLC, discovered that the billionaire philanthropist drew her name. “I’ve done the Reddit gift exchange for years now, “ she wrote in a post describing the experience. “I love all the silly little gifts. I always check out the Bill Gates post and laugh at how crazy it must have been for that person, never for a second even considering it a possibility for me.”

Bill Gates Secret Santa present Credit: Megan Cummins

When Megan got the delivery, she was shocked. The FedEx guy wanted her to sign for a box the size of a refrigerator. “I could fit about 5 of me in the box I got,” wrote Megan. “I did, in fact, stare awkwardly at the FedEx guy — I was so far beyond confused.”

The enormous box was packed with goodies, including a thirty pound stuffed Pusheen (a popular cartoon cat used in Facebook sticker sets). “I will die holding this at 90,” wrote Megan. In case you can’t tell, she’s a huge cat lover: “My life goal is to fully fund a no-kill cat shelter one day and reform the U.S. shelter system to be entirely no-kill. Cats are my thing. My life-force, my happiness.”

Bill Gates Secret Santa present Credit: Megan Cummins

The rest of her gifts were absolutely perfect (or, as cat lovers like to say, “meow-fect.”) Megan received $750 in donations to her three favorite animal shelters, a Stormy stuffed animal (Pusheen’s sister), Dr. Who items, a Dave Matthews band shirt, books, a snow globe, and a sweet cross-stitch of herself, Bill Gates and their cats, with the personal note: “I hope you didn’t mind I crashed your family portrait.” That is a pretty amazing haul. “I started to burst out loud laughing and crying simultaneously,” wrote Megan. “I was a cliché.”

Bill Gates Secret Santa Credit: Megan Cummins

Oh, and she also got a hilarious photo of Bill Gates, sitting in front of the Christmas tree, next to the ridiculously large Pusheen. Beat that, Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban!

Bill Gate Secret Santa present Credit: Megan Cummins

Bill Gates Secret Santa present Credit: Megan Cummins

But Megan says the best part about this experience is imagining the famous billionaire buying all this cat stuff: “[I love] knowing that at some point during my work week Bill Gates was somewhere having a professional photo taken with a jumbo Pusheen and writing me notes about cats.” So do we. Or maybe Bill Gates just happens to have a million thirty pound Pusheens sitting around his house. Maybe that's just how he rolls.

Megan also recorded a video for Bill, thanking him for her gifts:

And if you play Secret Santa on Reddit and get Bill Gates’ name, don’t panic. It turns out shopping for the billionaire is pretty easy. In an “Ask Me Anything” session, Bill said his Christmas list. "A contribution to Rotary to help end polio is a gift I would appreciate. Also any great book you have read and found interesting."