This is the ridiculous reason why Karlie Kloss' Instagram is being spammed with rat emojis

This is the ridiculous reason why Karlie Kloss' Instagram is being spammed with rat emojis

Taylor Swift's squad is a point of contention for many; not least her nemeses - Katy Perry, Kim and Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Rihanna - and yes, the list does go on. In all of their blonde-haired, blue-eyed, "#FriendshipGoals" perfection, Swift and her coterie of celebrity gal pals can be seen trotting the globe, relaxing on yachts in synchronised swimsuits and of course, gossiping over mimosas. The 1989 singer's "squad" has historically involved several key figures - Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Jaime King, Blake Lively, and Karlie Kloss - but it has continued to evolve over the years.

However, we may have to scratch that last name of the list. Yes, one of Swift's closest friends and an original member of her "squad" reportedly dined with the enemy last week, and the singer's fans aren't taking kindly to it, to say the least.

Musician Taylor Swift. Credit: Getty

If you've paid a visit to any of Karlie Kloss's social media accounts of late, you'll notice that the comments' section has been inundated with rat emojis, while some people have gone so far as to use the snake emoji.

On Wednesday, the model was spotted grabbing sushi in Los Angeles with a group of friends that included Katy Perry - one half of a long-rumoured feud with the Shake it Off singer, and reportedly one of the subjects of her single, Look What You Made Me Do. While the photo, which can be viewed on TMZ, doesn't exactly prove that Karlie and Katy are close, Taylor Swift's fans wasted no time in swarming the 25-year-old's Instagram account with rat emojis. Some, however, kindly came to Karlie's defence, by posting hearts and roses in the comments.

karlie kloss Credit: Instagram

However, this is not the first we have heard of a rift between Taylor Swift and one of her long-reining girlfriends. Swifties were intrigued earlier this year, when Karlie captioned an Instagram video "Swish Swish" - because it's the same name as Katy's song which may or may not be about the aforementioned pop-star.

And in July of 2017, Karlie was called out for missing the 28-year-old's annual Fourth of July party - but, plot twist, it didn't even happen that year. Swifties were, for some reason, incensed that Karlie was spotted posing for photos with Kendall Jenner during Paris Fashion Week instead. I mean, Karlie is allowed to have other friends, right

Apparently not. "Karlie should be posting photos with Taylor right now, not Kendall," one eager Swift fan wrote. Another added, "DELETE THIS NOW KARLIE."


While we're unlikely to have any members of this new sushi "squad" reveal what exactly is going on, and whether Karlie and Katy are secretly in cahoots and are plotting against Tay-Tay - I think it's more likely that they were just getting some expensive sushi, you know, as the rich and famous people of the world like to do.

In other news, and if you'd like to hear about one of Taylor Swift's bonafide buddies, Ed Sheeran cryptically revealed that he was going to propose in a song last year. And I think you can guess who...