Rihanna receives cruel backlash from fat-shaming trolls after Grammys performance

Rihanna receives cruel backlash from fat-shaming trolls after Grammys performance

There were some electrifying performances last night at The Grammy Awards. Kendrick Lamar opened the show with a politically-charged medley of machine-gun raps, with an assist from U2 and Dave Chappelle. In the show's biggest #MeToo moment, Kesha gave an emotional performance of "Praying," surrounded by women in white (and falling into their arms at the end.) But perhaps the most fun performance of the night was "Wild Thoughts," by DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. (Now that that "wai wai wai" hook will be stuck in your head all day. You're welcome.)

After DJ Khaled hyped the crowd up with his intro (Another one!), Rihanna took the stage, with exuberant dance moves that set the Internet on fire. While previous performances were driven by political anger and heartbreaking emotion, this one was fueled by pure joy. The 29-year-old Barbadian singer killed it, and fans were delighted to see her break into the South African dance Gwara Gwara. (If only DJ Khaled had broken into the Gwara Gwara too.)

While most people praised Rihanna's performance, sexist Twitter trolls attacked her for her weight. Apparently, it looks like she's packed on a few pounds. Over the past year, a lot of people have been calling Rihanna "thick," and some have even dubbed her "Thickanna" (wow, really clever nickname, guys). In fact, some people think she's put on so much weight, she might be pregnant. One person tweeted, "is rihanna pregnant or is she just having an all you can eat buffet at every meal of the day?" Funny how they body-shame Rihanna, but have nothing to say about DJ Khaled. Are we sure he's not pregnant?

Rihanna DJ Khaled Bryson Tiller Credit: Getty


As we say #TimesUp for sexual assault and sexual harassment, we should also say #TimesUp for body-shaming. Whether Rihanna is pregnant or not isn't anyone's business, and I doubt the Twitter trolls would want their bodies scrutinized in a similar manner. Also, in real life, I bet they wouldn't just assume a woman's pregnant and ask when she's expecting, because if she's not pregnant that would be incredibly rude (and humiliating). But behind the safety of their computers, people will say just about anything, I guess. Luckily, Riri had her defenders:

"theres nothing wrong with Rihanna being pregnant, but its kind of rude to assume it bc shes gained some weight. you wouldnt go up to a heavier set woman and ask when shes due bc it’s disrespectful, so why do it to Rih knowing her weight is already an insecurity of hers?"

Other people pointed out this body-shaming has been going on for a while now, and really should be put to rest.

While Rihanna didn't pick up an award for "Wild Thoughts," she did win her 9th Grammy for her collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, "Loyalty." And the trolls on Twitter have accomplished absolutely nothing. Congratulations!

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