Rob Kardashian is paying Blac Chyna 240,000 a year

What can we learn from Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna? I have to believe there's something to learn. There must be. After all, we have to continue covering these people, so it must be to some end. I will search as hard as I can for a lesson to take from these two sorry souls.

Enmeshed in a custody dispute, maybe the lesson has nothing to do with some generic comment about celebrity. Maybe the lesson is just to not marry a bad person, and to not lie to yourself. If you don't lie to yourself, you won't marry a bad person. If you don't marry a bad person, you don't have to live in lies. And you won't have to fight for custody between a revenge porn maniac and an alleged drug addict. Got it?

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Chyna originally wanted $50,000 a month, but was negotiated down to $20,000. That makes $240,000 every year from Rob to her, forever, a stream of money, blood money, born of birth, one that was done out of God knows what cynical motivations.

I'll disclose some personal meta information - this is the third article I've been compelled by the forces of the social media free market to write. All ya'll who declare in the comments that you don't care about these two need to stop clicking on these articles, and start clicking on some good stuff. Then you'll see content that isn't celebrity gossip. You dig? Unless, actually, you really just want celebrity gossip. Then we're straight, and I'll have 7, 8, maybe 10 articles about these two finished by December.

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It is hard, often, to find words for these people. What is it about them that inspires words? Celebrity is its own reward. Look at the Cash Me Outside girl. She got a record deal with Atlantic, Atlantic freaking Records, just for being famous. What hundreds of artists have broken a sweat doing over decades of labor has been achieved in middle school by a girl who is known only for being aggressively rude to her mother on television.

I could make a generic point about civilizational decay, but you already know it. The problem is no one knows what else to do. Capitalism is a rough master, but we've yet to develop a new path that isn't oligarchy or finance-based. Right?

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How do you feel about Donald Trump? Did you click on him a lot during 2015? If you did, he owes you a thank you. We built him. We gave him infinite press. What we watch, consume, think and believe are all tied together inexorably. There is no separating them. You are what you eat, so you are also what you read. You think how you read. Seriously, brain plasticity is real and social media is sculpting your pink matter.

You can choose, to a degree, what you become. Rob and Chyna have become something. Is it admirable? What do you think? Who do you wish to become? If you don't consider these questions, you may find yourself, in ten years, alone in a strange land, unsure of how you walked there.