Ruby Rose provides fans with an update after recent spinal surgery

Ruby Rose provides fans with an update after recent spinal surgery

When Ruby Rose isn't acting in a new action flick, spinning decks at some kind of fancy soiree or working it for a new modelling campaign, she seems to lead a pretty chill life. You might find her hanging with her girlfriend Jessica Origliasso in the Australian countryside or meditating and trying not to think about the huge get-outta-here pig her mother has back at home in Sydney.

But the Aussie actress/model/legend last week broke the news to fans that even the most happy-go-lucky folk have their own reality checks once in a while. Rose posted a picture to Twitter of herself in a wheelchair, revealing that she had recently undergone spinal surgery.

Rose has been dealing with back problems for a few years, and while she didn't specify exactly what it was, fans were quick to come forward with their well-wishes. She kept a positive attitude and said she was looking forward to her bed rest reading, watching movies and TV shows, and playing games on her new Switch console. And she added that she'd finally given up smoking (yay!).

Rose has been going about her LA lifestyle with a walking frame and a cane, which she somehow seems to make look like super-stylish on-fleek "it" pieces for the season. How?!?!

"I’ve grown accustomed to my cane...", she wrote in a recent Instagram upload. And now, she's taken to Twitter yet again for more thorough update on how she's doing.

"My girl has gone back to Australia for a month," she tweeted, most likely in reference to Origliasso. "I’ve still quit smoking and feel amazing and I start back working next week.. tough start to 2018 but I know there is nothing I can’t get through with reishi, meditation, gratitude and hard work. Plus a patient team. I’m blessed. X"

Yeesh! Already back to the grind next week? Hard worker she is.

The Orange Is The New Black star added that she's been "enhancing" her mobility support items, writing: "Plus my walker and cane are now covered in Metallica and Buddhist Stickers, so.. yeah I’m pitching a 'pimp my mobility assistance vehicle' show and it’s going to be a hit."

Though judging by this photo (which is, again, stupidly gorgeous), it doesn't look like said cane has any trace of a sticker... Hmm.

Nevertheless, the show sounds cool, and I wish her all the best with the pitch. She finished her string of tweets on a high, saying she's looking forward to the rest of 2018 despite its rocky start. "This year is going to be amazing, the only difference is that I’ll do it without the back pain I’ve silently had for the last 5 haha," she wrote. " .on. I truly believe we have the power to heal our bodies. They are extraordinary things."

Well, despite the long time she's been dealing with her spinal problems, it seems like she's well and truly on the mend. Good luck to her starting work again next week, and keep rocking that walker.