Sarah Hyland is facing an angry backlash for this video filmed at the Golden Globes

Sarah Hyland is facing an angry backlash for this video filmed at the Golden Globes

It is not unusual for the Golden Globes to attract a lot of attention, as it is almost always the first major event of the year at which every big name in Hollywood makes an appearance. This time around, however, the majority of the focus was not on the wild array of red carpet looks, or the celebrity guest list, or even films and TV shows up for awards.

Instead, most of the press coverage was to do with the #TimesUp campaign.

The idea of the movement was to raise awareness of sexual abuse within the film and TV industry, and many stars expressed their support for this by wearing black. Some of those who did participate in this were called out on social media, however, after it transpired that they had either directly or indirectly supported the abuse culture in Hollywood.

James Franco, for instance, has been named by many as an abuser, and Paris Hilton's choice to wear black was slammed after she made comments implying that many women only came forward about their experiences for "attention".

Sarah Hyland, the star of Modern Family, was also amongst those to receive criticism for her actions on the evening.

The backlash came after a video posted on Twitter by InStyle showed Hyland acting drunk in an elevator with an older male (and inappropriately handsy) bellhop. In the clip, which is only 12 seconds long, the 27-year-old actress stumbles around while clutching a bottle of champagne, leans up against the old man, and eventually falls backward into his arms after failing to exit the elevator due to being so intoxicated.

This sort of content would be questionable at the best of times, but, considering the vast majority of accused males in the scandal are older white men (not to mention the fact that many of the victims have been blamed for being drunk, or acting like they were "asking for it"), this really wasn't an ok thing to do.

And, as anyone could have predicted, Twitter came for InStyle - and they had a few harsh words for Hyland, too.

Some people described the skit as "tone deaf":

Others said it was "inappropriate":

And many just felt plain awkward about the whole thing:

Hyland attempted to dispel any concerns about the clip, and tweeted that the bellhop was a "very nice old man".

Many people stood by her and defended her choice to do the skit, but others said it was in poor taste or - if nothing else - was a case of "bad timing".

Sure, one could argue that Hyland was pretending to be drunk in the clip, and the bellhop was just helping her steady herself (albeit looking thrilled while doing so), but the point is that this clip was used during an evening that aimed to promote awareness and intolerance for inappropriate sexual behavior.

Even without this clip, the scandal is not being taken seriously enough by some people - so, by showing a young, vulnerable woman falling into the arms of an older man, it almost sends a message that abuse is something which can be mocked.

Obviously, Hyland did not intend for it to be taken this way - but perhaps a little more thought should have been put into the skit before it was seen by millions of people.