Scott Disick, Tristan Thompson and Travis Scott have all overlooked the same thing in their relationships

Scott Disick, Tristan Thompson and Travis Scott have all overlooked the same thing in their relationships

Although we're only one month into 2018, it's sure been a big year for the Kardashian-Jenner clan. After months of speculation, that had even the biggest Kardashian naysayers engaging in the whole "is-she-isn't-she" Kylie Jenner pregnancy debate, the 20-year-old beauty mogul finally announced that she had given birth to a baby girl on Sunday. "I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions," Kylie wrote in an Instagram post.

"Pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering, and life changing experience I’ve had in my entire life and I’m actually going to miss it. I appreciate my friends and especially my family for helping me make this special moment as private as we could. My beautiful and healthy baby girl arrived February 1st and I just couldn’t wait to share this blessing. I’ve never felt love and happiness like this i could burst! Thank you for understanding."

Yes, congratulations are certainly in order for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. However, the young father may have some cause for concern. According to TMZ, the 25-year-old rapper, who Kylie has been dating since April of last year, fails to hold an official custody agreement with the reality television star, meaning that she can assign her own custody and visitation rights. And moreover, it appears that two other Kardashian flames, Scott Disick and Tristan Thompson, are also lacking in this department.

The celebrity news website has reported that Travis, Scott and Tristan all have nothing about their guardianship "in writing", giving their respective partners the upper hand in any custody and visitation rights battles. 34-year-old Scott has three children with his former partner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Tristan is expecting his first child with girlfriend, Khloé.

kourtney kardashian Credit: Getty

Sources told TMZ on Tuesday that none of the trio have "papered their financial and custodial arrangements." This is most surprising in the case of Scott Disick, who shares eight-year-old Mason, five-year-old Penelope and three-year-old Reign, with Kourtney - who he was involved with for nine years. While the two are believed to be amicable, TMZ noted that Scott's history of substance abuse, which he went to rehab for back in 2015, remains a point of contention between the two parents.

Likewise, it is believed that new parents, Travis and Kylie have "nothing in writing" about their shared custody. And the same applies to Khloé and Tristan Thompson, although they have yet to give birth to their child.

Khloé and the Canadian professional basketball player also decided to keep their pregnancy quiet, though not to the extent that Kylie went to. Announcing that she was expecting a child at the end of her second trimester, Khloé took to Instagram to write, "My greatest dream realized! We are having a baby! I had been waiting and wondering but God had a plan all along. He knew what He was doing."

"I simply had to trust in Him and be patient. I still at times can't believe that our love created life! Tristan, thank you for loving me the way that you do! Thank you for treating me like a Queen! Thank you for making me feel beautiful at all stages! Tristan, most of all, Thank you for making me a MOMMY!!! You have made this experience even more magical than I could have envisioned! I will never forget how wonderful you've been to me during this time! Thank you for making me so happy my love!"

While we hope that Kylie and Khloé will make it work with their baby daddy's, for better or for worse, their older sister's example should serve as a lesson to them both, and to their beaus too. Get it down in writing, boys.