Seal is being investigated by police over charges of sexual battery

Seal is being investigated by police over charges of sexual battery

The sexual harassment and assault scandals that dominated headlines towards the latter end of 2017, have shown no sign of slowing down in this new year. #MeToo and Time's Up Movement advocate, Aziz Ansari has seen himself accused this week, after Babe ran an explosive exposé on the Master of None's creator's alleged sexual misconduct against a 23-year-old woman, known as Grace. And now, British singer-songwriter, Seal, is being investigated for criminal sexual battery.

The 54-year-old musician, who has vehemently denied the allegations, was accused of sexual battery by his "platonic" friend, actress Tracey Birdsall.

American actress, Tracey Birdsall, who is known for appearing in Doomsday and Casino, has alleged that her friend, Seal, lunged at her while she was visiting his home, and attempted to forcibly kiss her.

According to TMZ, 54-year-old Birdsall claims that the singer commented on her "revealing" outfit and started to grope her breasts, despite her protestations. Seal then purportedly invited her to sit next to him on his sofa, where she says he groped her once again. The actress told TMZ that she left Seal's home shortly after the incident and hasn't contacted him since.

Birdsall told TMZ that she was encouraged to share her experience with the singer after she saw a video that Seal posted encouraging victims of sexual misconduct to speak out. She then decided to report the alleged incident to the police.

Law enforcement officials have stated that a report was filed against the singer on Saturday.

A rep for Seal has since unequivocally denied Ms. Birdsall's accusations. They wrote, "Seal vehemently denies the recent accusations made against him by a former neighbor for alleged misconduct of more than a year ago. He intends to vigorously defend himself against these false allegations."

Chrissy Teigen took aim at Seal in a rather cryptic tweet last week.

Seal took to Instagram to post a scathing criticism of Oprah Winfrey, believing that her speech at the Golden Globes - where she spoke out about women's rights and the sexual harassment and abuse scandals of late - to be somewhat "sanctimonious" given that she had formerly appeared to be friends with Harvey Weinstein. "Oh I forgot, that's'd heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young starry-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad," he asserted.

Chrissy Teigen, however, took aim at Seal for his Instagram post. "Hmm. Let’s just say we’ve all heard things about each other, haven’t we?" she wrote in response. And while we can't claim to know what exactly Teigen meant by the tweet, in light of recent events, it does make Seal's criticism of Oprah seem rather - what was the word? - "sanctimonious".

The story continues to unfold.