Shocking photos emerge showing inside the raunchy and decadent world of 'Candyman' parties

Shocking photos emerge showing inside the raunchy and decadent world of 'Candyman' parties

When Hugh Hefner died last year at the age of 91, it seemed to spell the end for Playboy-style parties. The self-styled Casanova was at the very heart of the sexual revolution (or age of extreme female objectification, whichever way you choose to look at it), and his passing signified the end of an era.

Or so we thought.

Travers Beynon, who goes by the moniker,"Candyman", has recently caught the attention of the press after hosting "the party of a lifetime", which was filled with topless female DJs, limitless alcohol, and pretty much any and all sorts of debauchery you can imagine.

Baynon, who is from Melbourne, Australia, made his fortune by being the heir to the FreeChoice tobacco empire. The 45-year-old once hoped to be a footballer and spent a short time as a model for big brands such as Levi Jeans and Calvin Klein, but now he works as the managing director of his parents' company.

However, it seemed that riches alone were not enough for Baynon, so he began throwing lavish "Freaks Unleashed" parties, in which hundreds of women were invited to celebrate with him; but only on the condition that they exhibited their "freakiest traits".

Photographs from these events show dozens of women - almost always fully or nearly nude - drinking, dancing, and hanging by the pool or laying around in the bedroom of Baynon's mansion. The tycoon himself is often in the photographs, too, usually sporting a surprisingly nonchalant expression.

Anyone can apply to come along to his "candyshop parties", but those who are chosen to attend will be expected to comply with some very extreme rules. Earlier this week, in fact, it transpired that Baynon had been "branding" his female guests by tattooing their bodies with his company logo.

The Candyman even posted video footage of one of "his" girls getting the inkwork done and captioned it, "business is business".

Understandably, the pictures have caused outrage amongst many people, as Baynon's treatment of women is not just misogynistic, it's borderline abusive. While many would argue that everyone at his parties are willing volunteers who consent to the treatment (all guests have to sign a form before they can attend), others see it as a flagrant exploitation of young women.

"Wonder if he would like his daughter to be treated like a dog?" asked one Instagrammer on a picture of Baynon "walking" two women on leashes.

"Looks like livestock branding," said another commenter on Beynon's tattoo post.

Most worryingly, several commenters on the pictures describe the women featured as "objects", which is horrifically dehumanizing; not just for the women at the parties, but for those in the real world who then have to interact with men who see them as nothing more than playthings.

Beynon may brand himself as a king but, just like many other "playboys" in the past, he's really just an entitled guy who believes he can do whatever he wants because his parents have money.