Singer shocks at the Grammys with her graphic pro-life dress

Singer shocks at the Grammys with her graphic pro-life dress

In recent years, public events such as festivals and awards ceremonies have become platforms for political statements. The Golden Globes at the beginning of this month saw dozens of celebrities - both men and women - sporting Time's Up pins in support of equal rights across all genders, and other similar events in the past have given way for famous folks to stand up and say their part about feminism, racism, or global warming.

While some people might criticize this politicising of arguably non-political events, others champion those who utilize their platforms in order to get across a message that they truly believe in.

So, when singer Joy Villa turned up to the Grammys last night in a handpainted ballgown with a very strong pro-life message, she certainly divided opinions.

Villa, who had previously turned up to the awards ceremony wearing a 'Make America Great Again' dress, sported a vibrant rainbow design of a fetus in the womb, and carried a handbag branded with "choose life".

As you can expect, this caused some conflict amongst viewers.

On the one hand, it's difficult to justify one group's right to support a liberal movement like Time's Up while simultaneously trashing a conservative moment that discourages abortion. However, on the other, one of these movements is clearly advocating for progress, while the other is asking for certain human rights to be taken away from women.

Depending on what sort of spin you put on it, Villa is either a gutsy individual doing her best to stand up for her cause, or a heartless person who wants to take women's autonomy away from them. Or - if you're as cynical as the people of Twitter - she's just another B-list celebrity trying to get herself a little more time in the limelight.

On another Instagram post, Villa - who has released several pro-Trump songs in the last year - said:

"My statement for the 60th @recordingacademy is #CHOOSELIFE. I believe in loving the child and the mother, and I am proudly #ProLife. There is so much pain out there, but I choose to spread love and hope."

She went on to explain that she handpainted the gown using a design that she had first created when she gave up her daughter for adoption over ten years ago. "I’m incredibly blessed to have given life, and I hope to encourage anyone in a similar situation to choose adoption," she said.

This then led to a huge debate in the comments section of her pictures.

"I’m pro choice because I actually believe in women having the rights to her body, and because no woman deserves to be forced to have a kid when they don’t want to have one. REGARDLESS of the circumstance," wrote @alltimeswift93.

"Women’s rights is a made up movement that supports baby killing," said @benborgmeyer.

All in all, it doesn't appear that anyone actually gave Villa any trouble for wearing the garment to the awards ceremony, and most of the aggression is coming from commentors on Twitter who want to weigh-in with their opinions on the ongoing debate surrounding women's rights.

Based on her track record, however, it doesn't appear that any online criticism is likely to deter her from performing a similar stunt in the future. But we'll just have to watch out for her at the next awards ceremony to be sure.