Star Wars actor Mark Hamill calls out Twitter account over James Earl Jones fake news

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill calls out Twitter account over James Earl Jones fake news

There is a lot of fake news going around these days. By fake news, I don't mean the phrase that politicians, officials and presidents alike often throw out to easily dismiss criticism. The internet has transformed the way in which we absorb information drastically, leading us to an age where nearly every question we could ask is a mere search away.

But as these utilities have become faster and more accessible, we have become pretty impatient. Long gone are the times where research means going to the library and reading through the relevant books. Many often just read the headline to get all the information they need, or fail to check out the source of the article to check whether the entire thing is bogus or not.

woman using smartphone Credit: Pexels

Out of this mentality has arisen certain social media users that fit a story, fact, or snippet of trivia into 140 characters - enough to amaze us all without the need to actually read through an article. These history or science accounts can sometimes be amazing, but can often be pretty frustrating when you see a glaring inaccuracy with thousands of retweets and likes.

Personally, this frustration rarely leads me to replying to the post, but you can usually find at least one user who responds with a sentence usually beginning with 'actually' or the dreaded 'umm'. But it's rarely that this anonymous seeker of truth and justice is anyone you know, let alone a celebrity...

Mark Hamill comic-con Credit: Getty

Yet that was what happened when Mark Hamill caught wind of one particular tweet this week. Hamill, who is returning to play his iconic character Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, is not one for keeping quiet on Twitter. You can see most of his tweets to his 1.9 million followers are about some sort of activism or a passionate response to recent developments in U.S. politics, so he wasn't exactly going to shy away from some false Star Wars trivia making the rounds.

The original tweet came from History Lovers Club, an account that shares 'rare historical photos' across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The photo shows Hamill in 1979, walking alongside some fellow castmembers, and uh... Darth Vader. They posit that this was James Earl Jones in costume as Vader so he could avoid breaking segregation laws in London clubs at the time.

The thing is, there were no such laws in England, and the photo was taken in Manchester. It's also worth mentioning that while James Earl Jones gave his magnificent voice to the sith lord, he was never actually in costume - that was actor David Prowse. But Hamill had his own problems with the image, and he was quick to call them out over it.

If anyone was in doubt over the validity of the post, it should be settled by now. After all, who better to trust than a jedi master?