Sylvester Stallone is freaking people out after sharing inappropriate photos of his ‘bombshell’ daughters

Sylvester Stallone is freaking people out after sharing inappropriate photos of his ‘bombshell’ daughters

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most recognisable faces in the world of Hollywood. Through his numerous iconic roles and a wide range of different action movies that he has starred in since the 70s, Stallone has made his way up through the celebrity rankings to become one of the most successful actors in history and cement his place in the Hollywood elite.

Despite his fortune being estimated at the eye-watering figure of $400million, life hasn't always been easy for Sly. During the early parts of the 70s and before his breakout in the iconic Rocky series in 1976, the actor was struggling to find work and pay rent, with him even having to sleep in a bus terminal for three weeks at one particularly low point. However, the actor got his big breakthrough and began turning his life around and becoming the A-lister that we know and love in the process.

Rocky went on to become the highest-grossing film in 1976 and won three Oscars, including the Best Picture. This triggered a career in the world of film that has continued to this day and has given Stallone and his family the comfortable life that they have.

The actor has gone on to have 5 children from multiple marriages and two of them have begun grabbing the headlines for themselves. His daughters Sophia, 21 and Sistine, 19 are both full-time models and have been catching the eye of the press in recent weeks.

In a recent article published by The Daily Star where they highlight the 'Instagram Babe of the Week,' Stallone's daughters were described as 'sizzling' and 'bombshells.' While these words were undoubtedly being used to complement the pair on their good looks, they're not exactly words that you would expect a father to use when talking about his daughters, right?

Well, it appears that Stallone agrees with the paper, and was happy to share the article on his Twitter account.

"The daughters of film action hero Sylvester, 71, are bonafide second generation bombshells," the text of the article reads.

"Nowadays, Sophia and Sistine are setting pulses racing with their jaw-dropping Instagram pictures."

The photogenic pair has a combined Instagram following of over 1.4 million users and it's easy to see why they are so popular. However, while Stallone is understandably proud of the success of his daughters, it is a little bit creepy for a dad to be sharing an article regarding how sexy his kids are.

Twitter immediately jumped on the mishap, with plenty of people tweeting their dismay at The Rocky actor.

The tweet has been compared to a similar incident where Donald Trump made bizarre remarks about his daughter Ivanka. Speaking to ABC in 2006, Trump spoke about the virtues of his daughter, saying: "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps, I would be dating her."

Sly's tweet was no doubt shared innocently, but next time he should probably read the article and the headline before he decides to share something online.