Taylor Swift did something amazing for Jimmy Fallon after his mother died

Taylor Swift did something amazing for Jimmy Fallon after his mother died

Jimmy Fallon came back to the Tonight Show this week after his mother's death. Fallon was close to his mother, as the two spoke on the phone every day, and she was always the "biggest fan" of the show and Fallon's work. An emotional monologue about his mother relayed a story from his childhood, where his mother would squeeze his hand three times and say I love you. This small detail would become incredibly important.

Taylor Swift's new Song, "New Year's Day", happens to feature a lyric with that exact phrase - "You squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi." Swift was scheduled to perform on the week of Fallon's return once producers heard that line, a coincidental tribute to the way Fallon's mom used to squeeze his hand exactly three times and say "I love you".

Everything lined up perfectly for Swift to mourn Fallon's mother in the most beautiful way possible:

After the song, Fallon hugged her, described as "100% real emotion". Swift paid tribute to his mother as he was having the hardest work week of his life, recovering from her death, and the two friends really shared something special.

Tonight Show producer Mike DiCenzo, in a series of tweets, elaborated on the entire situation:

"It was a really tough day for our whole staff. A lot of us knew his mom Gloria, and she was the best. The best. She loved the show, she loved all of us, and most of all, she loved Jimmy. They talked on the phone every day. As Jimmy said, she was his biggest fan. And as Questlove said, Jimmy is not only our boss, he's our family. We love him. So we were devastated for him last week, and we were feeling for him today.

"I'm sure today was especially tough for Jimmy. The fact that he came out, stood there, and did a normal monologue for the crowd is a testament to how strong he is. But at the desk, you could hear his voice break when talking about our musical guest Taylor Swift, and that's because he knew what he was about to say... 

"Jimmy's words about his mom were beautiful. "Mom, I'll never stop trying to make you laugh. I love you." I was crying. We all were. The story about his mom squeezing his hand 3 times to say "I love you" when he was a kid, and then him squeezing her hand in the hospital - he hadn't told any of us that story."

"I could see Jimmy silhouetted at his desk dabbing his eyes with a tissue. We all lost it. It was a beautiful coincidence in a beautiful performance. "Hold on to your memories, they will hold on to you," Taylor sang. That hug between Jimmy and Taylor after the song was 100% real emotion. Whatever you think of Taylor, she did something beautiful for Jimmy and our show today, and we're forever grateful."

Cherish your mother while she's still here, Jimmy Fallon certainly did.