What texting looks like after 29 years of marriage between Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

What texting looks like after 29 years of marriage between Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

29 years of marriage sure is something. And hearing of a celebrity marriage lasting so long, is quite frankly, astounding. It's been found that celebrity marriages are twice as likely to end in divorce, and that's not hard to believe after hearing story after story of failed marriages and scandalous breakups (Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' potentially-staged, 72-day marriage takes the cake).

So it's nice to hear of some celebrity marital success every once in a while. Actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick celebrated their 29th year of marriage this week. And they've posted love-fuelled tributes to each other:

This picture of a real framed photo, presumably in their home, reveals an intimate side to Bacon and his "life love" Sedgwick. The pair met on set filming a TV movie called Lemon Sky and married on September 4 1988. They had two children together: Travis, who is now 28, and a daughter, Sosie, who is aged 25.

This photo of the rather dapper-looking couple appears to be a throwback to sometime in the 80s or 90s (purely judging by the hair). And Bacon's #29yearsandcounting hashtag is just too cute. Stop it, guys.

Sedgwick also took to Twitter to share her love for Bacon (Kevin Bacon, that is):

And to keep things real and deter the risk of sounding too soppy on social media, Bacon threw in a screenshot of a text message exchange with his wife:

The averted-eyes emoji, the haste of the "s*** I'm sorry" apology, and an open invitation to request absolutely anything from the grocery store – it's just a lovely exchange between a couple and their trivialities. And to keep calm after your significant other eats food they weren't entitled to? That's real love.

Sedgwick told Redbook magazine in 2012 that her heart still flutters whenever Bacon walks into the room. "He’s still a mystery to me. And getting older together is scary and exciting,” she said.

To further prove their love, they don't just dote on each other during anniversaries, either:

"Did I mention it's 1,404 weeks since we tied the knot," he writes as the caption. Bacon's really upstaging us all here by counting the weeks of his marriage when he's that far in.

In this post, Sedgwick praises her husband's acting talents in relation to her directorial debut, a TV movie called Story of a Girl, which aired in July. Sedgwick cast her husband, as well as their daughter Sosie in the film, which is about slut-shaming following a leaked sex video in a teenage community.

Acting appears to run in the family, with Sosie also having starred in 13 Reasons Why and Travis acting in the indie flick Loverboy. While the film wasn't crash hot in terms of ratings, it was another family effort, with Kevin directing the film as well as casting his wife as the leading lady.

It seems the Bacons are exceedingly supportive and respectful towards each other, and maybe that's what keeps the magic alive after 29 years of marriage... Even when it comes down to the unapproved consumption of a carrot.