The moment Meghan Markle felt the baby kick at the British Fashion Awards

The moment Meghan Markle felt the baby kick at the British Fashion Awards

The wedding of the year might have long been and gone, but Meghan Markle's still dominating the headlines. Whether it's a result of the Duchess's family drama, her rumored feud with Kate Middleton, or her ever-growing baby bump. Meghan and the sixth in line to the throne's firstborn is due in the spring and it seems like the Duchess is reveling in being a mom-to-be.

From the moment Meghan announced her pregnancy, she appears to have taken every available opportunity to make it known that she is, well, having a baby. From announcing that she was breaking with Royal tradition and having a homebirth, despite being classed as a geriatric mother, to cradling her baby bump arguably more than the average expectant woman.

This is the moment Meghan's baby abruptly kicked at the British Fashion Awards:

And when she made a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards earlier this week, almost all eyes were on baby Sussex. Largely because of Meghan's seemingly incessant cradling of her bump, which caused her to be trolled by people online.

She was branded "irritating" by many people for holding her bump with both hands during the awards show.

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The Duchess presented her wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller, with the British womenswear designer of the year award for her Givenchy gown, which, among other features, represented each Commonwealth country its veil with flowers.

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But despite the fact that she was there for such a positive reason, allowing people to reflect on her wedding, which was for even the most cold-hearted people, a momentous occasion, trolls said that she was "smug" and  "touching her stomach too much".

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An expert subsequently weighed in on Meghan's actions and said to FMAIL that the constant cradling of her bump could have a positive effect on her unborn child with Katherine Graves, founder of KG Hypnobirthing, saying, "baby responds every time" to this cradling and that "it's a positive thing for both mum and baby to touch and reassure".

Katherine said that cradling bumps is a relaxation method which she asks her clients to practice in Hypnobirthing classes.

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She explained that by cradling her bump, Meghan will feel calm and the feel-good hormone oxytocin will be released. It will then travel directly to her placenta and affect her baby positively too.

Liz Halliday, Deputy Head of Midwifery at Private Midwives, added, "At public events, Meghan may feel more protective of her baby and thus cradle her bump more than usual. Mothers may feel that stroking their bump calms the baby in some situations and during public events, Meghan may be either consciously or sub-consciously attempting to do this."

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And the stress that Halliday is alluding to could be reflected by the fact that Meghan's baby kicked her particularly hard at the awards show, as featured in the video above.

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During the speech, the Duchess said, "It's such a pleasure to be here, celebrating British fashion and British designers, in my new home in the UK."

Referring to the fashion world, she added, "we have a deep connection to what we wear. Sometimes it's deeply personal, sometimes it's emotional."

She then explained what fashion means to her, saying it's "being able to understand that it's about supporting and empowering each other, especially as women.'

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Well, even if you think Meghan's going a little overboard with her bump touching, the fact that science is on her side should be enough to silence most trolls! And if the video above is anything to go by, she's carrying a very energetic baby.