This stylish 88-year-old grandma's Instagram account is amazing

This stylish 88-year-old grandma's Instagram account is amazing

It's only natural that our sense of style continues to change and evolve as we progress through the years, exploring distant lands and gaining new experiences. Our adolescent years are perhaps the time when experimentation with our dress sense is most acceptable.

As well as being the time that we dabble in alcohol and various other illicit substances, we also for the first time care about how we are perceived by the outside world. And so, we go through all the phases... Whether we choose to adopt the identity of the punk rocker or emo kid, one thing is for sure, the vast majority of these personas were veritable fashion disasters.

Regardless, many of us are still unable to string together decent outfits and continue to rely on all-black ensembles. However, there may be hope for us yet: 88-year-old Moon Lin is an incredibly stylish grandma who has been taking Instagram by storm of late, proving that it's never too late to update your look.

1. 88-year-old Moon Lin is from southern Taiwan

2. And she's our newest Instagram style crush...

3. Because she's always immaculately dressed  

4. She created her Instagram account because it helps "keep her young" 

5. I mean, her fashion sense is anything but old-fashioned 

6. In fact, she reps some of the trendiest brands...

7. Such as Supreme 

8. She buys and styles all of her outfits herself 

9. She usually takes her photos with a selfie-stick...

10. And her fans love her 

11. Lin says that she's always loved fashion and getting dressed up

12. She has over 81.9K followers on Instagram 

13. She's just about the hippest grandma ever 

14. Seriously, someone please tell me where to buy that t-shirt 

Moon Lin went viral in May after asking someone on the street to take a picture of her outfit for her Instagram account. The girl was so taken aback by Lin and her unique sense of style that she shared her encounter and Lin's Instagram in a popular Taiwanese Facebook group. She wrote:

"This is the grandma I met downstairs today. She asked me if I could take a photo for her to post. I chatted with her a bit and found out she's actually 88 years old. Truly she was just old physically but not mentally. I immediately added her on Facebook (She is the oldest girl I have ever asked to add on Facebook....)"

Well, it's not everyday that I spy a grandma who has a better dress sense than me, but I have to give it to Moon Lin, she truly has an eye for it.