This throwback photo of Ricky Martin bizarrely looks almost identical to Kendall Jenner

This throwback photo of Ricky Martin bizarrely looks almost identical to Kendall Jenner

Everybody loves throwback photos. Sure, they might be embarrassing, and contain some seriously poor fashion choices, but they remind us that at one point we were all stupid kids. It's especially endearing when celebrities share old pictures, because sometimes they shatter our preconceived notions about their image. I mean, even creepy goth rocker Marilyn Manson was a fresh-faced little kid once. No matter who are you today, we all started from the same place (and our parents are holding several humiliating pictures as blackmail.)

90's Coma sounds the name of a terrible indie rock band, but it's actually the name of a 1990's nostalgia Instagram account. Because Netflix's Fuller House just wasn't enough! Whenever millennials think about their own mortality and feel terrified, they can kick back in their Snuggie and "get lit" looking at some old pictures of celebrities. It's basically the social media equivalent of the South Park Member Berries. Hey, 'member Halle Berry! I 'member! Ahhhh! So comforting.

However, a throwback photo of Ricky Martin has recently gotten a lot of attention. The Latin-American singer had a huge hit in 1999 with "Living The Vida Loca" and publicly came out as gay in 2010. He probably did some other stuff too, but let's face it, those are the main two things everybody knows about him. At least, until now! Get ready to add a third fact about Ricky Martin to your brain. 90's Coma shared a photo of a young Ricky Martin in Puerto Rico in the 80's, and everybody thinks he looks bizarrely identical to a certain celebrity: Kendall Jenner.

I mean, I guess there's a similarity? If you remove Ricky's glasses, Ricky's hair and Ricky's clothes, and imagine his face with pitch-perfect make-up - yeah, total doppelgänger for Kendall Jenner. How did I not see it before? Is it any coincidence that Young Ricky Martin and Kendall Jenner have never been seen in the same place? I don't think so. He is a time traveler, and they are the same person. Talk about living the vida loca.

Okay, I don't really see it. But hey, I'm not going to argue with people on the Internet. In fact, Kendall Jenner isn't the only kinda-sorta-celebrity people think Young Ricky resembles. In the comments, several people say he's a dead ringer for Romeo, the 15-year-old son of Victoria and David Beckham.

I mean, Romeo Beckham and Young Ricky Martin have so much in common. They're both male, with eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth. And have you ever seen them in the same place, at the same time? I know I haven't. Very suspicious. Clearly, Ricky Martin is a time traveler, who is posing as different celebrities, and he must be stopped.

You know what? Once you line all the pictures up, I can see the resemblance. In fact, they're all blending together. Who's Ricky? Who's Kendall? Who's Romeo? I don't even know anymore. Thanks, 90's Coma! I now feel like I'm 90 years old, and just woke up from a coma.