Tila Tequila mocks dead adult film star Olivia Nova in vile Facebook rant

Tila Tequila mocks dead adult film star Olivia Nova in vile Facebook rant

Tila Tequila is one those modern day celebrities who it's unclear what they actually do, but for some reason, they are always there... lurking. Tequila has managed to maintain her share of the limelight and is always quick to lend her  opinions on a variety of subjects.

The model-cum-actress-cum-singer-cum-social media star loves broadcasting her controversial opinions across her social media channels and over the past few years, they have gotten increasingly bizarre.

Tequila now goes by the name of Tornado Thien and brands herself as a "Prophet of God". Taking to her Facebook account to discuss the recent death of the adult actress Olivia Nova, the former reality TV star began her bizarre tirade. However, rather than offering compassion and sympathy, Tequila claimed that she had prayed that these deaths will occur and warned that more performers would die because she wants them to.

"Looks like more pornstars are dying or have died! Yikes! You all better get out of this industry asap because more deaths and deadly diseases will hit this particular industry very soon because I prayed for it to be!" she wrote.

"God is now working his way to make this happen! Don't say I didn't warn you all! I suggest those in the porn industry to repent of your sins so that you MAY be saved! FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She added: "Those who laugh will be mourning and looks like that hour of mourning is finally here!!!! Hallelujah praise the God of justice! #DeadPornstars #Sin #Death #GetO ."

Tequila, who doesn't believe in paid-for childcare or vaccinations, claims that God will "strike [her] down" if it turns out that she is lying.

"Since everyone is getting all riled up about the things that I have been saying.... I will take it upon myself to take it even a step further by praying that the Lord God strikes me down, breaks my teeth, breaks my bones, and strike me down with lightning if anything I have said so far has been of lies!" she wrote in a separate post.

"If I am a false prophet like many demons or blind ones claim then I pray that God will strike me down right now in the name of Jesus!!! Amen! Ps- And because I am not a false prophet who has not told lies....

"God will NOT strike me down while everyone else gets struck down with calamity! LMAO! #ThankYouJesus ."

Of course, this isn't the first time that Tila has mocked tragic events. She also laughed at the forest fires in California and the mudslides that have wiped away parts of Montecito. In further bizarre ramblings, she called on the residents of the stricken areas to "repent of homosexuality" if they wish to save California, but also went on to claim that she was one of two witnesses written about in the Bible who was "sent here to smite the Earth as many times as I please".

In all seriousness, while I'm all here for freedom of speech and expression, if you don't have anything nice to say, it's best just to not say anything at all.