Tom Cruise responds to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's secret relationship

Lets rewind back to 2004 shall we? Why? I hear you ask. Well, because in 2004, I started my first ever year at high school. There I was with my big rucksack and my oversized uniform, which my mom told me I would "grow into", all fluffy haired and fresh faced. 2004 was a great year, it was the year when Britney Spears got married for 55 hours, it was the year that Janet Jackson's boob fell out at the Superbowl, but more importantly; it was the year that Collateral came out.

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Yes, Collateral, that semi-decent film about the relationship between a hitman and a cab driver, and starred both Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. It was a huge box office smash and it seemed like the two actors were best friends whenever they were pictured on the red carpet, but since then it seems like things may have turned sour between them both.

Earlier this week, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx confirmed that they were in a relationship, and apparently, Tom Cruise isn't very happy. In case you were unaware, Cruise and Holmes were married for six years between 2006 - 2012 and Tom feels like his old co-star has stabbed him in the back.

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A friend of the Mission Impossible actor has spoken to Hollywood Life about the new relationship, and it sounds like there's some bad blood on Cruise's side.

"Tom has known about Katie and Jamie's secret relationship since the beginning and it has always bothered him that they were hooking up.

"Tom is shocked and upset that Katie is dating a co-star he once considered a close friend. He feels betrayed by both of them."

Although the relationship was only confirmed a few days ago, it's rumoured that the pair have been together for a number of years, but have decided to keep it quiet. One reason that has been widely reported, is that they didn't want to disrespect Tom, who Katie has baby with, but another argument claims that Cruise put clause in their divorce, saying that Katie wasn't allowed to go public with a new relationship for five years. It's now been five years since the divorce, so she is now allowed to date freely.

If that is the case, then it's a far cry from the Tom Cruise we saw on Oprah in 2006, in what has to be one of the most cringe-worthy bits of television to have ever existed. Appearing on the legendary chat show, Cruise bounces up and down on the sofa, shouting "I'm in love!", one month after meeting the actress.

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It's believed that Tom's ties to the Church of Scientology played a key factor in the reason that the couple went their separate ways, which is understandable seeing as it scientology is completely f**king mental.

But whatever the reason for the Foxx and Holmes staying private for the last few years, we wish them well in their future and hope that the scientologists don't come and take them away in the night.