Tom Hanks proves he's the best person on twitter with hilarious tweets

Tom Hanks proves he's the best person on twitter with hilarious tweets

Tom Hanks seems like a good guy, doesn't he? You get those celebrities who just seem like really nice people, and Hanks is one of them. Whether it's his portrayal of the legendary Forrest Gump, Woody or randomly appearing in the music video for Carly Rae Jepsen's hit single "I really like you", he just seems like the type of guy that would have time for you if you happened to bump into him in the street. However, a quick look through his Twitter and you will realise that Tom Hanks is actually a bit of a weirdo, but it's sort of adorable.

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While most celebrities on Twitter just post sponsored tweets most of the time, Hanks doesn't follow this trend. The best bit about Twitter is that it allows celebrities to show a bit of their true selves to the public, and breaks down the borders between fans and idols. Most of the super famous simply post about parties they've been to or products they have been given for free, others (yes, I'm looking at you Donald Trump!), prefer to use it for bizarre rants and coming up with new words, like #covfefe.

Hanks, however, uses his Twitter for a different reason: to document items of clothing he finds in strange places. It's something we all see everyday and often question, and it seems like Hanks is the same. You know how it goes, you're walking down the street, minding your own business, and you randomly see a shoe, glove or hat at the side of the road and you wonder who it belongs to and how it got there. Most of time you just pop it on a nearby wall in the hope that it will make it's way back to it's natural owner, and never think about it again; not if you're Tom Hanks.

Hanks, it seems, is obsessed with these discarded objects. He wants to know how and why they have got there, and he feels the need to share them with his 14million strong followers to find the answer or to share a little story surrounding them.

It's not just clothing that really bothers Hanks, it's any object that is not in it's natural habitat, like this hair brush.

Or this I love NYC mug, which is just lying around in a park.

I don't know what's better; how interested Hanks is by these objects and they mystery that surrounds them, or the "dad" jokes he writes to accompany his uploads. Unsurprisingly, fans absolutely love it when he pops up with one of his discoveries, with plenty of people sharing images of what they have found during their daily travels and comparing them to Hanks' finds.

Twitter, hey? Some people say it's completely pointless, but without it we wouldn't know that Tom Hanks found a hairbrush while walking round town, something I think we can all agree is a bit a key bit of information that we need in lives.