Tyga claims Kylie Jenner’s pregnant with his child in deleted Snapchat post

Tyga claims Kylie Jenner’s pregnant with his child in deleted Snapchat post

Ahead of the milestone 10th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there's set to be tons of drama with respect to America's most-talked-about family. The season premiere is set to air this weekend, and not only do we have to deal with more fallout from Rob and Chyna's acrimonious separation, we've also got two pregnancies to contend with.

Yes, not only have Kimye announced they're expecting a new kid alongside North and Saint West (via a surrogate mother), but news also broke earlier this week that Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan at just 20 years old, has just announced her pregnancy too, saying she's expecting a baby girl.

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Although there's still doubt in some quarters that the pregnancy is actually happening, PEOPLE Magazine claim that the family has known for quite some time, and that Kylie Jenner has told her friends she's due in February, and will raise the baby with rapper Travis Scott.

Given the timing of the announcement, it seems logical to assume that the 25-year-old Scott is the father of Kylie's baby, but one of her ex-boyfriends has had something to say about that on social media. Before she met Scott, Kylie Jenner was involved with the rapper Tyga on and off for years, and on Snapchat, he might have claimed that he's the true father of Kylie's baby.

Having kept the relationship under wraps until Kylie turned 18, the pair only split back in April. Although both have already moved on, with Tyga dating Kamilla Osman (who looks weirdly like Kim Kardashian), Tyga has outrageously claimed that Kylie's baby is actually his.

On his Snapchat, Tyga posted a screenshot of a news article reporting on Kylie's pregnancy, but over that article, he simply said: "hell nah that's my kid", before the post itself was rapidly deleted. Yeah, having split in April the timelines don't quite match up, but it's a pretty outrageous claim to make. Twitter, as you might have guessed, had a field day.

There are plenty of theories as to this revelation from Tyga: given the pair reportedly broke up because Kylie didn't want to get serious just, is Tyga just feeling a little sore? Could he be trying to show how much he's moved on from Kylie by making a joke of the announcement?

Or, just maybe, did Tyga and Kylie reconcile for a night of passion, and the tangled web of intrigue that is Kylie's love life became just a little bit more tangled? In any case, Kylie seems pretty happy with Travis Scott, paternity or not, with a source close to the socialite saying that she's "really excited".

"Kylie broke up with Tyga partly because she felt too young to get serious. Now she’s having a baby with a guy she just started dating. People around her are really surprised. It happened really fast, but for Kylie, being with Travis is so different than anyone else. She’s so in love with him. She’s really excited."

Whatever happens from here, I think it's a pretty good bet to say that Kylie Jenner's pregnancy isn't going to be the calm, leisurely term that Kim and Kanye are expecting. Watch this space, you guys.