Tyga demands paternity test for Kylie Jenner's baby girl Stormi

Tyga demands paternity test for Kylie Jenner's baby girl Stormi

It seems like everybody in the world wants a piece of Kylie Jenner at the moment. Since rumours regarding her pregnancy started to circulate online in September, Jenner hasn't dropped out of the headlines for longer than a matter of days. While she decided to keep the pregnancy a 'secret', we still couldn't get enough speculation, hearsay and theories regarding the pregnancy. However, just when it seemed like all the drama had died down, Kylie's ex-boyfriend Tyga has dropped an absolute bombshell.

In a plot that seems fitting for the likes of Jeremy Springer, Tyga has reportedly asked for a DNA test to be performed on the new-born child as he believes that he may be the dad. A source close to the rapper told Radar that, "Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his.”

Tyga and Jenner began dating back in 2014 and the relationship was dogged in controversy due to the age of Jenner at the time. After numerous spats and a diss-track courtesy of Drake, the pair broke it off in 2017. While Kylie initially appeared to be heartbroken, she quickly hooked up with Travis Scott, who is the father of her newborn child. However, according to Tyga, he and Kylie were still sexually involved with one another around the time that the baby would have been conceived: “Tyga told friends that he was still sexually active with Kylie nine months ago, when this baby was likely conceived," said the source.

It's rumored that the rapper has been struggling with the news that Kylie has had a baby with another man. According to another source, who spoke to HollywoodLife.com, Tyga still has feelings toward Kylie and wants to meet the baby and talk to the 20-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

“Tyga has been very emotional since learning of the birth of Kylie’s baby. He is struggling with all types of feelings and he doesn’t know what to do,” a source close to the rapper tells HollywoodLife.com;

“He has a lot of questions and most importantly he still wonders if there is a chance if that baby could be his. Tyga misses Kylie now more than ever, really wants to meet the baby and wants some clarity and or closure on their situation."

“Tyga can’t keep living wondering if that baby could be his… he wants to know for sure so he can man-up and be a good father, or try to move on once and for all,” the source adds.

I mean, if I were Tyga I would get one with moving on 'once and for all' given the fact that Kylie has met another man and has just started a family. It's not known what Kylie thinks about the whole situation regarding the DNA test request, but given that she has just gone through the stressful ordeal of having a child, I'm sure she could do without Tyga getting involved and demanding DNA tests.