Victoria Beckham sparks furious backlash over 'shameful' advert

Victoria Beckham sparks furious backlash over 'shameful' advert

Over the last couple of decades, Victoria Beckham has been universally recognised for a variety of different reasons. First, she was a 1990's girl band sensation, then she was (and still is) one of the first iconic "footballers' wives." But more recently, Victoria Beckham has become known as a highly regarded fashion designer.

The 43-year-old has enjoyed success in the world of fashion, having been named the UK's brand of the year in 2011. In fact, in 2012, Beckham's label brought in more money than her husband's football career - and that's no mean feat. However, things haven't always been plain sailing for the former Spice Girl.

Just recently, one of her advertising campaigns was savagely criticized after it was pointed out that the model chosen for the role appeared to be severely underweight.

skinny model beckham Credit: Instagram/Victoria Beckham

Beckham posted two pictures from her most recent campaign for her 2018 eyewear range: the first was close-up, showing the model - 29-year-old Giedre Dukauskaite - from the waist up, while the second was a full body shot.

At first, there appeared to be nothing wrong with the advert. Sure, the ruffled brown shirt might not have been to everyone's tastes, but the shot showed off the glasses, and that's what was important.

However, the second picture showed a lot more of Dukauskaite's figure. All of it, in fact. But there wasn't much to see.

Credit: Instagram/Victoria Beckham

Rather than being drawn to the eyewear in the second picture, most people found themselves struck by Dukauskaite's tiny frame - and many thought it was a bit too tiny.

"This picture is so not ok!!" wrote one user on Instagram. "This girl is not healthy. Sick or an eating disorder? Shame on you!!! Shame on you!"

And they weren't alone in their criticism.

"You should be ashamed of yourself VB," said another. "You have power and influence in an industry that destroys girls image of themselves. And you choose to ignore what is going on in the world. But then again I wouldn’t have expected anything else from you. You’re a disappointment. Fall forward a few years and imagine your daughter looking at images like this."

"Even if it is just the picture and clothes that make her look that small, it’s still a disgusting picture and it will become thinspiration," explained one more disgruntled follower. "What is it with this glamorous idea of looking like you’re starving?"

And Beckham herself has been attacked for her slight frame before, too.

But others pointed out that negative comments about Dukauskaite's figure still amounted to body shaming.

As Insta user, rebecca_therese, put it: "She [is] super slim but no slimmer than a typical Victoria’s Secret model! I think she’s styled to look slightly longer and leaner as was the fashion in the 70’s. I could be wrong. I’m not saying it’s ok and can be a trigger for eating disorders but it’s everywhere on insta! I don’t think it’s right shaming this models body either, no body shaming is ok whatever the persons size. Be kind!"

Ultimately, the model is particularly thin and that look is exaggerated by her baggy clothes. But, seeing as Beckham is someone who pledged to follow the 'Healthy is Beauty' campaign (which discourages the employment of unhealthily thin models), she should have known better than to promote an image which appears that it is at least intended to show someone who looks startlingly skinny.

However, at the same time, we shouldn't body shame. If Dukauskaite is actually of a healthy weight, there's no problem here - but it's difficult to tell from the pictures.