This Victoria's Secret model got busted having sex on an aeroplane

This Victoria's Secret model got busted having sex on an aeroplane

There must be something about pressurized cabins and tasteless airplane food that turns people on more than usual, because a surprising number of individuals have made it a bucket list goal to join the mile high club.

In fact, a recent survey of 2,000 people found that more than half of them had fantasized about doing something sexual while on a commercial flight, and a staggering 17 percent had actually gone all the way. And the fact that it's technically illegal doesn't seem to be stopping anyone - least of all Kelly Gale, a Victoria's Secret Model.

Gale, a 22-year-old Swedish-Australian model, spoke very frankly during an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show yesterday, during which she revealed that she and her boyfriend once had a romantic tryst in an airplane bathroom.

The model is best known for her tall stature, impressive abs, and success at such a young age. However, after some intense questioning on an Australian talk show, it transpired that the former Elle cover girl and featured playboy playmate has a slightly more secretive side to her.

In fact, when asked whether she'd ever participated in any airborne antics, she straight-up told the hosts that, actually, she had - and she enjoyed it very much.

"I feel like it's something you have to do," Gale said without a moment's hesitation.

Unfortunately for her, the bit of naughty nookie didn't go without a hitch, and the couple were caught by flight attendants as they exited the bathroom together. In her words, they got "busted".

Thankfully, though, she took it pretty well, saying that she "just laughed it off."

Gale also went on to give a little more detail about her boyfriend, who it turns out was her childhood sweetheart, Johannes Jarl.

According to the model, the pair met when they were still teenagers in high school, and have been together since 2014 - which is pretty impressive, considering she's only 22 now, and has had to move across the world with her career.

"He's Swedish and he's the most Swedish looking guy you'd ever meet," Gale said, clearly doting on her other half. "He's tall with white long hair, like a surfer."

However, she did have one peeve about her boyfriend: he likes to sleep with other men.

"He's going to kill me for saying this, but Swedish men like to sleep in the same bed together after going out," she explained. "They will just sleep and cuddle next to each other."

As well as discussing her personal life, Gale also divulged information on what it's like to be a Victoria's Secret model before.

Keeping herself fit and healthy is obviously a huge part of the job, and the model has to train for two to three hours every day in order to maintain her shape. She does everything from boxing to yoga in order to keep her chiseled torso and toned legs, and even steps it up a gear when she has a fashion show coming up.

It seems that Gale leads quite an adventurous lifestyle, then - both in the air and on the ground.