Video shows a 'drunk and disorderly' Kit Harington being kicked out of a bar

Video shows a 'drunk and disorderly' Kit Harington being kicked out of a bar

We have all had our moments when, worse for wear, we don't really want to be seen by anyone. This can be when you're exhausted and not putting any effort into your appearance, or when you're so ill you'd rather stay in bed for a week than be seen by anyone you know. Then, there are those times when the problem is entirely self-inflicted, like, for instance, getting a bit too drunk.

For those of us that like to partake in a little tipple from time to time, there will be at least a few occasions where things went too far. Not knowing your limits, or mistakenly thinking that just one more couldn't hurt in the early hours after a drinking session are all common occurrences. After all, working all week sometimes means you want to get loose - and not necessarily in the most mature and sensible way.

It gets a little more complicated when you are rich and famous, though. You might be able to drink the finest wines and aged spirits without worrying about how much you've spent, but you do have to think about your public persona. That means when you spend a night out on the town, there's going to be people who recognise you - and maybe even some paparazzi to preserve your drunken behaviour for the rest of time.

This was the unfortunate fate of Kit Harington, who is best known for his role as Jon Snow on the hit show Game of Thrones. Last Friday, he was drinking in a bar in New York City, playing pool with some friends, and maybe had a few too many. According to some sources, he was eventually thrown out of this bar for being "drunk on disorderly".

kit harington drunk Credit: TMZ

Worst of all for the actor, someone captured his inebriated state on camera.

He was drinking in a dive bar called Barfly in the Gramercy Park neighbourhood of the city when things started to kick off. He got into an argument with some other patrons, though the exact context of the dispute is unclear. In the video below, you can see him stumble around, with one woman telling him to "say excuse me" as he attempted to get by and frequently had to be held back by his friends, before eventually being dragged outside.

While he is no doubt wasted, his behaviour doesn't seem to be too disruptive but instead a general drunkenness seen in many bars without incident. However, one eyewitness told TMZ, who also acquired the footage of the incident, said that he was told to leave the establishment. He promptly did, but then returned shortly after, leading to the bouncers having to escort him back outside.

As some users pointed out, his behaviour in the video didn't seem to warrant the response he received. "He's pretty calm for being drunk idk why they keep grabbing him like he's sh*t faced. Most people are way worse drunks," one user commented. It's hard not to imagine what it would be like getting into a dispute like that, only to see that someone has caught the whole thing on video.