Wax museum has made quite possibly the worst Beyoncé figurine of all time

Wax museum has made quite possibly the worst Beyoncé figurine of all time

While it's hard to recall when exactly the world fell head-over-heels for the powerhouse that is Beyoncé, I think we can all agree that we live in a world that she effectively runs.

Queen Bey not only dominates the charts and headlines, but her commitment to social justice and human rights has transcended her from being a pop-star to an icon. And even if you're a naysayer, disagreeing with all the acclaim she continues to receive album after album; her militant fan-base won't allow you to say anything to the contrary.

And it appears that the Bey-hive certainly isn't pleased with one wax museum, which recently created a Beyoncé that looks nothing at all like the Grammy award-winning singer.

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While Beyoncé is a work of perfection that is arguably difficult to replicate, a museum in Niagara Falls has created a waxwork that doesn't resemble the pop singer in any way, shape or form. In fact, the Canadian museum even had to pin a name badge to the creation to alert visitors to the fact that they were looking at the great Beyoncé Knowles.

Just take a look for yourself...

The people of the internet have been amusing themselves by speculating who else this "Beyoncé" looks like. Is it Paris Hilton? Or how about Dee, from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Some Twitter users even went as far to say that it resembled Jennifer Aniston. And yeah sure, it looks a lot more like them than it does Beyoncé.

"According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyoncé," one social media user wrote, while another added: "The wax figure’s face! She can’t believe she’s supposed to be Beyoncé, either".

One individual simply said, "This is bad but also if you said 'The Beyoncé of Niagara Falls' this is exactly what I'd picture".

While it's evident that Beyoncé's waxwork looks more like any other celebrity - male, female or otherwise -I think that the comedic value the creation provided the internet with kind of makes up for it all.

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to "Beyoncé".

Some social media users also pointed out that the museum's other waxworks weren't much better...

I mean, it's Queen Bey folks, you should have put a bit more effort in.

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