You can now go on a wine tasting date with Jennifer Lawrence and talk politics

You can now go on a wine tasting date with Jennifer Lawrence and talk politics

Is there anything better than drinking gallons of expertly selected wine and talking about how terrible the world is? Whilst the old adage warns advises us never to talk about politics with friends and family, surely it can't be a bad idea to discuss highly divisive and controversial figures such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton whilst inebriated?

Ok, I must admit that it sounds like the stuff of nightmares. Or, you know, the type of thing that will destroy friendships and make you second-guess your perceptions of your work colleagues. But, if there was anyone to ever do it with, Jennifer Lawrence, America's veritable sweetheart, would be the girl for the job. And apparently, she's quite up for it.

Online fundraising platform Omaze has partnered up with the Hunger Games star to give one lucky fan and a friend the chance to fly out to California and attend a wine-tasting session with the actress. Now I don't know about you, but that all sounds absolutely divine, so let's have a gander at the specifics...

Jennifer Lawrence Credit: Omaze

The organisation which specialises in offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences in exchange for backing charities is sponsoring the winner and a friend to be flown to California. They will be put up in a four-star hotel and once there, they will "swirl, sniff, sip and spit" with Jennifer Lawrence.

In addition, they promise that the lucky winner will "enjoy a picnic lunch, play some lawn games on the vineyard", and maybe even "call your ex", but luckily, that part is optional. In essence, it's going to be a grape day.

And don't worry if you're not a drinker, or are under 21, Omaze assures us that other beverages will be provided in that case.

Jennifer Lawrence

The charity that the event is trying to raise awareness about is Represent.Us. The charitable institution is dedicated to passing anticorruption laws in state, national and even local government.

Being a board member, the cause is clearly dear to Jennifer's heart. In Vogue's September issue, she passionately asserted that "if you're a Republican, if you're a liberal, it doesn't matter." She explained that the aim of non-for-profit is "getting money and corruption out of politics", and consequently "freeing our democracy".

And as the following video demonstrates, Jennifer Lawrence is certainly excited about it:

The highly-amusing PSA-inspired video was filmed to publicise the venture. And despite Jennifer being very much herself and throwing out hilarious quips, she does make sure we're aware that it is, at the end of the day, strictly business:

"The best part of this whole thing is that every entry supports Represent.Us, a grassroots campaign that brings together people form across the political spectrum to pass anticorruption laws and fix our broken elections"

So if you want to be in with a chance of being Jennifer Lawrence's drinking buddy for the day head over to Omaze and make a donation to Represent.Us. Your donations count as entries, and you can make them as big or small as you like. The lowest donation is $10, which gives you 100 entries, but if you're truly desperate to hang out with Jennifer you can also nab yourself 50,000 entries by donating  a hefty $5,000.

Well, I know where I'm going to be splashing the cash this month...