Zendaya responds to accusations she shaded Blake Lively in side-eye snap

Zendaya responds to accusations she shaded Blake Lively in side-eye snap

There's a delicate art to throwing shade that not many can pull off successfully. I know that personally, the only time I could possibly manage it is by accident. If I tried to land a sly dig at someone I would probably end up insulting them to their face and look pretty dumb.

But there are people out there who can manage this kind of subtle interaction without even speaking, sometimes by barely moving at all. Whether this is a glance, a flick of the hair, or a specific kind of glare that few people on this Earth can pull off, it can cause a huge impact. And someone who is apparently brilliant at this kind of thing, deliberately or not, is Zendaya.

For those that don't know, Zendaya is a 21-year-old actress and singer who has seen a lot of success in the last few years. She started off as a model for Macy's, Mervyns and Old Navy, and tried her hand as a back-up dancer before hitting big in Disney Channel's Shake It Up. Since then she has released a number of singles before leaning more to the acting side of things.

She started off in Disney productions like the movie Zapped and the TV series K.C. Undercover, before heading out into Hollywood. If that sounds like a lot to go through in your teens, it's worth noting that last year she starred in the superhero blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming and the award-winning movie The Greatest Showman.

It's not like Zendaya brings anything less when she comes to the red carpet either, as she showed up for New York Fashion Week this month, dressed in this iconic outfit:

As is the way with these kind of events, you can end up seeing the biggest celebrities sat next to each other, with not everyone knowing each other. Zendaya was seated next to actresses Blake Lively and Emily Blunt, who seemed to be getting on extremely well. From this video however, it seemed like she was much less impressed with the company.

Once the internet got hold of this, everyone was on board with the shade being thrown here - while a lot of people were just relating to the times we are stuck in close proximity with obnoxiously loud people.

But eventually Zendaya came forward to set the record straight. It turns out that despite what it looked like, she wasn't giving them side-eye at all. When one fan asked her, "@Zendaya what did they do?" she replied in all caps: "I WAS LOOKING AT THE RUNWAY"

It seems like she's had enough of this video going around - but if you thought she was lying it might be worth looking at it from a different angle:

So it looks like the internet was making something out of nothing, who would've thought?