Champion NASCAR racer humiliated on live TV after misreading model's signals

Champion NASCAR racer humiliated on live TV after misreading model's signals

Appearing on live TV is far from easy. I mean, there's just no telling what will happen. The fact is, you simply cannot edit out awkward moments and unfortunate slip-ups. So I really do feel for the all the high-profile people out there who have to do that sort of thing for a living, especially when things inevitably go wrong.

But do you know what one of the most awkward moments to occur on live TV is? Being rejected for the entire world to see, revel in, and later roast on social media. And more specifically being rejected after leaning in for a kiss. And, as it turns out, even handsome, wealthy, up-and-coming stars are snubbed romantically.

Cast in point, one particularly overjoyed racer who had just won a Florida Speedway and tried to celebrate his victory with a kiss. Twenty-year-old Noah Gragson came first in the 51st annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola on Sunday. But got ahead of himself when he tried to steal a kiss with Snowball Derby model, Helena Ciappina.

1. Noah Gragson is rejected by a gorgeous model post-victory

Ciappina received her new title as Miss Snowball Derby in Pensacola on Thursday, but Gragson never thought this would mean that he, a young star driver, would not have a chance with her...

In the short video, Gragson can be seen leaning toward the model in an attempt to plant a big smacker on her face. But the model is too quick for him and swiftly swerves out the way, avoiding what would have been an invasion of her personal space. Gragson only manages to kiss her cheek before the video cuts.

But Gragson was not majorly affected by the awkward encounter, posting a photo of his large trophy. Plus, he did eventually score himself a kiss with Ciappina, a video later showed.

Of course, this certainly wasn't the only time a rejected kiss was caught on camera. Even A-listers aren't immune...

2. Erin Andrews dodges a kiss from 50 Cent

Fox Sports presenter Erin Andrews, for example, dodged a kiss on the lips with 50 Cent as she was covering the Daytona 500 in Florida. After receiving quite a bit of flack for the awkward incident, 50 Cent tweeted, "Hey I wanted to kiss her so I did".

But apparently, it looked a lot more awkward than it really was. "It was my fault!" she told Access Hollywood at the 2103 Fox Sports Media Group upfront party in New York. "I was rushed – none of the drivers were in their spot for the Daytona 500 pit walk. They were all in the bathroom," she explained.

But then Andrews came across the rapper. "I went and said hello [to him]. We're actually business partners - I'm one of the spokespeople for SK Energy. I went one way, he went the other," she added.

Producers were yelling for her to find Danica Patrick, she explained. "They're screaming in my ear, 'Danica! Danica! Go get Danica!' I whipped my neck. I made him look bad."

Ultimately, Andrews doesn't really need to explain herself - I mean, it's not like she's 50 Cent's girlfriend or anything. It's totally natural to want to avoid overly intimate contact with someone who's not your partner.

But sometimes - as shown in this next clip - even actual couples avoid kissing one another...

3. Woman's boyfriend snubs her on the Kiss Cam

Not every 'couple' featured on the Kiss Cam are actually couples, so you can totally understand why they wouldn't want to kiss on television for the world to potentially see - like brothers and sisters, for example.

However, the couple featured in this cringe-worthy clip actually were a couple. So you'd think there'd be no problem with giving each other so much as a peck on the lips for the camera, right? Apparently not.

As you can see from the video, the girl does attempt to go in for the kiss, but her boyfriend showed absolutely no interest and, in fact, seemed much more interested in his beer. So the girl decides to get her own back in the most savage way possible!

Maybe this next guy should have taken a leaf out of Kiss Cam girl's book when his girlfriend rejected a kiss from him.

4. The girlfriend of golfer Aaron Wise rejects his attempt to kiss her

Back in May, Aaron Wise won the AT&T Byron Nelson but was rejected post-victory by his own girlfriend when he tried to go in for a winning kiss.

He did, however, clear up what exactly went down at the Fort Worth Invitational. Apparently, it wasn't as bad as it looked.

"Yeah, I been giving her some s- about that. A lot has been made about that. It's really nothing. Like I was saying, she was just so excited to surprise me. I was kind of ruining the surprise a little bit that she was shocked, and she didn't even see me go in for the kiss. No hard feelings at all. We love each other a ton and we're great. It was a funny moment that I think we'll always be able to look back at, but that's all it really was."

So ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folks, thank your lucky stars that you've never been rejected on live TV. Unless, of course, you have - in that case, I totally feel for you! But hey, at least it makes for a good story, right? Right?