Conor McGregor reportedly close to agreeing to trilogy fight with Nate Diaz

If there's one sports star whose name is on everyone's lips, it's Conor McGregor. The Irishman has taken part in some highly publicised fights in recent history - most recently against the boxing icon Floyd Mayweather in August 2017. Though Mayweather maintained his undefeated streak, McGregor was widely reported to have performed much better than expected, considering his background is as a mixed martial arts fighter and not as a professional boxer. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, McGregor is an amateur boxer who went toe to toe with one of the greatest boxing talents the sport has ever seen and lasted 10 out of the scheduled 12 rounds before Mayweather was declared the winner. In addition to putting up an impressive fight, McGregor is also believed to have walked away with a hefty pay check for his efforts. His disclosed remuneration stands at around $30,000,000 but it is believed his total earnings from the bout could be up to as much as $100,000,000. That's not a bad consolation prize for losing anything, is it?

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With this great fight behind him, McGregor appears to have set his sights on his next opponent. This time, it's an old rivalry that is being resurrected for a match many MMA fans are itching to see. McGregor himself has a knack for attracting media attention when he is involved in fights. Other than his recent face-off against Mayweather, his UFC encounters have consistently broken pay-per-view records. In particular, two of McGregor's fights against one particular UFC star hold the records as the two highest performing fights in UFC history, in terms of pay-per-view success.

UFC fighter Nate Diaz is currently ranked 4th in the lightweight division according to A fight between him and the current champion McGregor might seem like an easy match for the latter until you consider the fight record between these two. McGregor and Diaz have met twice, and each has beaten the other once. Therefore, a fresh match between the two is an opportunity to tip the scales and possibly confirm which fighter will come out on top in this heated rivalry. Diaz won their first match with a forced submission, while based on points, McGregor bested him during a rematch. Diaz has not returned to the Octagon since, and some say this hiatus is because he is holding out for yet another chance to face his Irish rival.

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Preliminary reports suggest that such a match will be happening very soon. In fact, it is expected to occur before the end of the year in Las Vegas, Nevada. This "grudge match" between Diaz and McGregor is believed to be scheduled to take place on Sunday 30 December and it is thought that quite a few members of McGregor's family and entourage have purchased tickets to Vegas in order to watch the fight. According to reports, "Conor has told them that only the 'Is' have to be dotted and the 'Ts' crossed for this to go ahead," based on comments from an inside source. If this is confirmed, Diaz or McGregor will be set to welcome the new year with not just resolutions but with exceptional bragging rights. Fans await further details with bated breath.

  • September 24th 2017
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