Conversation between job applicant and interviewer takes an unexpected turn

Conversation between job applicant and interviewer takes an unexpected turn

Few things are as stressful and unfulfilling as the job search. Despised by graduate students and job application veterans alike, it's an unfortunate situation that we all have to go through after passing the years of mandatory schooling. I've been through the job search more times than I care to remember, which leaves me able to confidently point out those who are at the mercy of their cover writing skills and networking capabilities.

People who dwell in the no-mans-land between recruitment agencies and job sites start to develop a certain set of defining characteristics. They exist in the silver glare of their laptop screens, the smell of failure emanating from their open tabs. Their eyes are nervous and darty; flitting from page to page, person to person, looking for any possibility of future employment.

However, such poor souls will undoubtedly feel better about themselves after reading this one, very bizarre interchange between a recruiter and and an interviewee. It'll certainly make any interview you've had look better in comparison...

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It all began on Facebook when an anonymous user shared the story of a very memorable applicant on Imgur. They opened, "years ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I got a message from a fella who wanted to intern for the company. Here's the chat transcript":

"Applicant: Hi I saw that you are hiring interns. I have a weird question for you. 

Interviewer: Yes we are. What is your Question. Does it concern my odd obsession with Drew Barrymore movies? 

Applicant: No. I just wanna know if you do background checks on potential interns?" 

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Oops. Do you see where this is going now?

Don't worry, because it's about to get a whole lot worse as the interviewer was naturally very intrigued about what they would uncover in this background check...

"Interviewer: Well if you have to ask, then now we do. 

Applicant: Ok, I ask because I have been arrested before but really want to intern for you. 

Interviewer: Felony or Misdemeanour? 

Applicant: Well it was a felony but I'd like to explain myself. 

Interviewer: Did you intern for an audio technology company and assault the boss of the company with a weapon" 

Applicant: No 

Interviewer: So far so good. Continue." 

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And in a rather bizarre twist, we've officially come across the coolest interviewer ever:

"Applicant: I was buying weed and my dealer told me he'd give me a huge discount if I bought two ounces so I did. Then I got pulled over for speeding and they searched the car and found it and I got charged with a class C felony because of the amount of weed. 

Interviewer: Do you still have any of the weed? 

Applicant: What? 

Interviewer: Nevermind. Well it seems like a fairly harmless crime so send a resume to [...] and we'll be in touch."

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Although we don't know what happened next, my bets are that this guy most definitely got the job. I mean, the interviewer was not phased by the applicant's little habit one bit.