Elderly Vikings fan puts young Packers fan into chokehold during game

Elderly Vikings fan puts young Packers fan into chokehold during game

The biggest upside and downside to watching events in public are the people you're seated next to. Unless you're fortunate enough to be able to afford your own private booth (in which case I hate you), then you have to take your chances and hope that the seatmate you're lumped with isn't too annoying. This is especially the case in the cinema and at sporting events.

When I went to see It with my then boyfriend last year, I was quite happy to hold his hand and ignore the people chatting during the ads. But not him. Oh-no. I could sense his rage building and tried to calm him down by whispering that they'd shut up when the movie started, but he wasn't willing to wait that long and quite abruptly turned around told them to be quiet.

But what he did had nothing on this old man who recently lost it at a football game and put a young fan into a chokehold: 

So what exactly prompted this act of total rage? Well, the old man (a Vikings fan) was angry that his seatmate (a Packers fan) had been cheering loudly for the opposite team, and instead of, y'know, focusing on cheering his own team on, he got violent.

Credit: Twitter / @JackSeedorf5

The shocking incident, which took place at the US Bank Stadium, was recorded by another spectator, @JackSeedorf5, who subsequently posted the footage to Twitter, captioning it, "Vintage Vikings Packers..."

The altercation began with the old man warning the young fan that if he didn't stop making noise, he was going to tear him apart.

Credit: Twitter / @JackSeedorf5

"You're taking it away from me," he says to the Rodgers fan, who is dressed in a yellow and green jersey, with his hands almost on his neck. "You yell and scream and everything you want but you don't do that!"

Undeterred by the chokehold, instead of fighting back, the young fan simply continues to cheer for his team.

Credit: Twitter / @JackSeedorf5

Other fans were quick to jump to his rescue with one threatening to call security and another shouting "Somebody do something!"

Understandably, the footage received a lot of attention after it was posted to Twitter and people were quick to weigh in on the old man's chokehold, with @littlebabypuppy writing, "Split screen the game and these two please."

Credit: Twitter / @littlebabypuppy

"Plot twist: grandfather and grandson," added @davidgraham3.

Credit: Twitter / @davidgraham3

Others were quick to criticize the old man for harming the young fan so violently and @TylerH_52 wrote, "Unless the kid goated [sic] him into it off camera this isnt cool and makes me ashamed to be a Vikings fan"

Credit: Twitter / @TylerH_52

The young Packers fan was also praised for not giving the old man a violent retaliation, which no doubt would have ended badly for him, with @BearBoards_ writing, "Good for the kid not retaliating. Let the old man 'choke' him instead of escalating it."

Credit: Twitter / @BearBoards_

While getting put into a chokehold by a fellow spectator would be enough to ruin a football game for most people, the young Packers fan was unphased, and like a true fan, he continued to enjoy the game despite what had happened.

Credit: Twitter / @JackSeedorf5

For that, we salute him.

And while there's no doubt that this altercation was dramatic, it was soon forgotten in the stadium with everyone's attention turning to the Vikings delivering the Packers their sixth consecutive loss of the season with a 24-17 victory.