There's a huge error in the first episode of 'Friends' about Phoebe that no-one had noticed

There's a huge error in the first episode of 'Friends' about Phoebe that no-one had noticed

While no-one can agree on who the worst character is (Ross) and who the best is (Chandler), Friends is a show that undeniably everyone has seen from start to finish numerous times. It's always on TV, and it's just the be go-to show to put on when you're hungover or you just need some background noise so you don't feel lonely when you're home alone.

So the news that there was a big fat mistake in the very first episode (The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate) comes as a total surprise to people who thought they knew the show inside out. Well listen up, because there's something about Phoebe you should know about. Yep, the most honest and unfiltered of the Friends characters might have another side to her. You'll see what I mean.

The hiccup was found by super observant fan Aine Maloney, who was quick to record her screen and upload the scene in question. Here, take a look for yourself and see if you can spot it:

Did you see it?

Everyone's in the apartment standing around and chatting as they do, and Phoebe tells a wedding dress-clad Rachel she had "just pulled out four eyelashes". Err... righto. But the weird thing is that Phoebe is also sipping a cup of coffee or tea (the details aren't important) from behind Monica's date Paul. She appears to be listening to her own eyelash story and looks to be magically located in two places at once.


Obviously the error is just a mistake that got past the filmmakers at the time when they were shooting various takes of the scene from different angles. It's the first episode, so maybe they didn't have a continuity supervisor on set at the time and they likely just didn't have enough other footage to chose from to edit the scene more seamlessly.

And actually – as good as the show is – Friends is full of these odd little mishaps. If you pay attention in any given episode you'll notice that Rachel's hair is completely different from one shot to the next, or that the cup of coffee Ross is holding switches from being in his left to his right hand depending on the angle. It's easy to make continuity mistakes, and if you really look for them, you'll notice them.

Other major mistakes fans have noticed include when cast members are swapped out for crew members wearing different outfits, when Rachel's passport photo was of another person and when, uhh, a potato was in the cake display stand at Central Perk.

friends joey potato Credit: Warner Bros

Oh! and what about the time the lady took a sip of coffee and then started chewing it at Central Perk. Something's odd about what they're serving customers there...

Still, none of these mistakes threaten the show's title of best TV series ever. So, as you were – put down your phone and get back to watching.