11 of the craziest homes on MTV's Cribs

11 of the craziest homes on MTV's Cribs

Personally, nothing sums up Noughties television better than MTV's rather iconic Cribs. I mean, the premise was genius: take a celebrity and make them reveal, on air, all of the trappings of fame and fortune - namely, their giant mansions. It certainly left adults and teens alike spellbound. Seriously, was anything better than being able to take a virtual peek into your celebrity crush's home? Cribs allowed us have a look into the fridges and wardrobes of heartthrobs, rockstars and everyone in between, and as you could expect, everything tended to be mindbogglingly extravagant.

The television show informed us that there are people in the world who have waterfalls in their homes, their own private beaches and most bizarrely of all, we discovered that celebrities work out in 6-inch Louboutin stilettos (cough cough, Mariah Carey).

So let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here are 11 of our favourite "Cribs":

1. 50 Cent had a 19 bedroom and 35 bathroom mansion in Connecticut, replete with basketball courts, pools, a studio, a cinema room and a "strip club area"

 2. Melissa Joan Hart had a three bedroom mansion in Los Angeles with its own waterfall. The house was rammed with Sabrina The Teenage Witch memorabilia making this an oh so nostalgic segment

3. The PlayBoy Mansion was everything you'd expect it to be. Expect to see Hugh Hefner prancing around in his dressing gown with his seven live-in girlfriends 

4. Richard Branson's 10 bedroom and 10 bathroom mansion on the private Necker Island in the Caribbean holds the spot for being the most expensive home ever featured on Cribs. I mean there's a dance-floor, numerous bars and multiple guesthouses... 

5. Having Destiny's Child tour you around their home was every girl's dream. I mean there's nothing better than seeing a young Beyoncé, Michelle and Kelly show off their love for frozen food. How times change, eh? 

6. Of course MTV ventured down to Jamaica to check out supermodel, Naomi Campbell's open-air, three bedroom villa. 

 7. The first episode of Cribs was a peek into the Osbourne family home. Naturally there were skulls, gothic candles and the Prince of Darkness even french kissed his dog 

8. Missy Elliot's home is a testament to the fashion house Versace. Replete with Medusa heads, the indoor pool even has Greek busts circling it. 

9. Aaron Carter's 13 bedroom, 15 bathroom pad is more eclectic than you'd think it would be. The walls of his living room were covered in shag fur and he earnestly referred to his bedroom as "the love shack".  

10. Sure Ja Rule's colonial style Miami mansion is great, but this episode is worth a watch just for Michelle Rodriguex, Vin Diesel, Ludacris, Puff Daddy and Jay Z - who all make a cameo

 11. We had to save the best for last. Here's Mariah Carey's tour, and it really takes the cake. Press play to see Mariah luxuriating in a bath tup, peek into her butterfly-themed guest room and of course, you can't miss her jumping onto her StairMaster in heels... 

There's nothing better than a trip down memory lane, is there? Watching all of those old episodes has only made me more nostalgic for the Noughties, however. Guess it's time to dive into all of my old boxsets of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Pimp My Ride...

It's going to be a great day.