13 things you may have missed during the Game of Thrones finale

13 things you may have missed during the Game of Thrones finale

We've all been theorising, debating and excitedly chatting about the events of season 7, but now we have reached the end of the penultimate season. But that doesn't mean there isn't more to talk about. While you think you may be clued up on all there is to know, there are sure to be a few subtle things you missed in this week's episode.

1. Cersei didn't touch her wine

In their private meeting, Tyrion realises his older sister is pregnant after noticing some not-so-subtle touches to her stomach. Many have debated whether she is lying about the pregnancy or not, but most telling of all is the fact that Cersei doesn't touch the wine Tyrion pours for her. It's unclear whether pregnant women in GoT drink, but it's a big sign that Cersei is telling the truth, unless she is even better at lying than we thought...

Cersei Lannister Credit: HBO

2. We've seen this shot of Arya and Sansa before

When Arya and Sansa stand atop Winterfell to talk about Littlefinger's death, their father, and the future of their "pack", it isn't the first time two Starks stood here. In the season 6 finale, Jon and Sansa speak in the same place. Sansa says: "Only a fool would trust Littlefinger", foreshadowing his demise this episode, and Jon tells her that "We need to trust each other", the same conclusion the sisters come to.

Sansa and Arya Stark Credit: HBO

3. Jon's real name isn't exactly original

His father (Rhaegar Targaryen) also named his other son Aegon, whose mother was Elia Martell. This Aegon, however, is presumably dead at the hands of the Mountain - the incident that provoked Oberyn Martell to fight, and ultimately have his head squashed by the fearsome fighter.

Oberyn Martell fight Credit: HBO

4. Jorah's face when Jon and Daenerys agreed to travel together

While his clear love for her was dismissed a long time ago, after a soul-searching quest with a little emergency surgery, he may have thought he had another shot at being the main man in her life. Yet Jon and Dany embarked on a boat together, against Jorah's wishes for her to fly there alone. She has made her decision both romantically and tactically, and Jorah wasn't too happy about it.

Jorah Mormont Credit: HBO

5. Bran can't see the future

"I can see things that happen in the past," Bran Stark tells Sam Tarly, "I can see things happening now all over the world." I don't know about you, but I was expecting him to follow these claims up with the future. But Bran doesn't know what's to come in Westeros, just what has happened before.

Bran Stark Credit: HBO

6. He isn't totally omnipresent either

Bran got schooled by Sam after his (fan) theory that Jon Snow is a Dorne-born bastard is shot down to make way for the truth that Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark were actually married in secret. Bran has to head into the past to confirm this is true, which shows that he does have to know where to look.

7. Why Tyrion lingers outside Daenerys' door

Fans online have theorised that the way Tyrion lingers outside Daenerys' door, guiltily, as the wolf and dragon get to know each other intimately, shows some hesitation. Tyrion has mentioned an alternate way to decide the successor to the throne, and may have hoped that Westeros could try out democracy. Now that a traditional coupling has occurred, the arrangement becomes a little more complicated.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Credit: HBO

8. Unless he made a secret deal with Cersei...

It did seem like the meeting between Tyrion and Cersei went a little too well, right? And it's not like we saw how it ended. While Cersei is only pretending to help them, Tyrion may have done something to convince her to join them that neither of them are letting on. The look of guilt on his face at the end of the episode may suggest he's deciding whether or not to tell Daenerys what he did.

Tyrion Lannister Credit: HBO

9. Why Bronn and Podrick left the meeting

Jaime's right hand and Lady Brienne's squire both left for a drink, which seemed like an odd choice given the danger the meeting posed to all involved. Rumours have emerged recently that Lena Headey (Cersei) and Jerome Flynn (Bronn) dated in real-life, a relationship that ended badly. They've only had one scene together, and reportedly cannot stand to be around one another.

Bronn and Podrick Credit: HBO

10. Tormund and Beric may be alive

When the wall fell, we were all hoping for the two of them (well, mostly Tormund) to make it all the way down to safety. Going down takes time, and the wall was destroyed pretty swiftly by Viserion, but we never saw them die, and part of the wall still remained standing afterwards.

11. Cleganebowl is coming

The Hound may get the chance to fight his brother for all the awful things he's done to him over the years (years of bullying, his face), making good on the fan-dubbed "Cleganebowl", where the two would fight to the death. The Hound approaches the Mountain and says:" You know who's coming for you. You've always known", which sounds like a threat if you ask me.

The Hound and The Mountain Credit: HBO

12. Arya kills Littlefinger with his own dagger

Littlefinger's satisfying death was even better than you may have realised. The dagger that Littlefinger used to frame Tyrion for an assassination attempt on Bran, starting up a war between the Starks and Lannisters, is the same one that Arya uses to dispatch him with.

Littlefinger Credit: HBO

13. And she may have more plans for him...

With a simple throat-slice, Arya has left Littlefinger's body mostly intact, including his face. Knowing Arya's talents, she may use a new disguise in the future, possibly to infiltrate King's Landing and cross Cersei off her list.

Arya Stark Credit: Getty

Hopefully you've learned a little from this list, because there is now a long wait until Game of Thrones makes its return to our screens. To help you handle the two-year wait, why not check out how great Tormund looks without a beard.