13 Times that 'Lost' managed to emotionally destroyed you

Last week it was 13 years since the first episode of Lost was aired. 13 years since Oceanic Flight 815 veered 1,000 miles off course and crashed into a beautiful and simultaneously terrifying island. 13 years since we first met Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Claire, Charlie, Locke and Vincent the dog.

The show finished in May 2010, but let's no kid ourselves when we say that we aren't still emotionally invested in the it. There was betrayal, heartbreak and lots and lots of death. Lost taught us the virtues of goodness, teamwork, life purpose, and interconnectedness. Plus there was a lot of mind-bending stuff like time travel, that number sequence and Jacob's cabin.

It was a pretty distressing and often confusing show, but that's kind of why everyone liked it. To commemorate the 13 years since the first episode, let's take a look at the 13 times Lost smacked you down emotionally and left you shaking and crying on the floor:
1.When Desmond finally contacted Penny again and they actually spoke

desmond and penny lost Credit: Bad Robot Productions

desmond and penny lost Credit: Bad Robot Productions

2. When Jin stayed with Sun after she was pinned to the flooding submarine and they died together

3. When Sawyer couldn't save his pure and good Juliet 

juliet lost death Credit: Bad Robot Productions

4. When Charlie gave Desmond one crucial last message before drowning

5. And when Hurley told Claire about Charlie's death

hurly claire charlie lost Credit: Bad Robot Productions

 6. Finding out it was Locke in the casket

lost locke casket Credit: Bad Robot Productions

7. And learning about Locke's final words

locke final words lost Credit: Bad Robot Productions

8. This verdict: "We have to go back, Kate... We have to go back!"

9. When vulnerable villain Ben's "daughter" is shot

10. When Walt is taken by The Others after Michael, Jin and Sawyer think they're being rescued

11. The heart-breaking good looks of Sawyer

sawyer lost Credit: Bad Robot Productions

12. When Hurley felt worthy and appreciated, for once

hurley jack lost Credit: Bad Robot Productions

13. When we learn Locke had it pretty tough as a paraplegic before the island

john locke lost Credit: Bad Robot Productions

Just compiling the list gives me all the feels again. Damn, that show is an emotional burden to bear, I still can't believe it's over. Now excuse me while I got and sob into a pillow for the next few days.