15 Disney tattoos that every adult fan will immediately want

15 Disney tattoos that every adult fan will immediately want

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Disney films are basically great.

Endlessly quotable, with infectiously catchy songs and a plethora of effervescent, loveable characters, Disney ticks every box as far as enjoying a movie is concerned, and their pictures certainly live long in the memory.

Far from being exclusively for kids, Disney movies are loved by young and old alike in a manner practically unprecedented in cinema. Perhaps that is why Disney themed tattoos have become something of a phenomena. And after seeing these, you'll probably want one yourself.

1. Minimalist Mickey and Minnie

2. Minnie outline 

3. The only motivational message you'll ever need 

4. The perfect retro Mickey design 

5. Join the dots style Cinderella's Castle 

6. This perfect sketch of Stitch 

8. When you need to remember who you are 

9. This wonderfully colourful Tinkerbell

10. And then there's Bambi... 

11. Ariel's most memorable moment 

12. A brilliantly unique Minnie design 

13. Lumiere and Cogsworth at their best 

14. The ultimate his and hers design 

15. And finally, when you just need a reminder to smile 

With such a wide range of choices, I wouldn't possibly know where to begin, but that Simba tattoo is probably my personal favourite. Long live Disney, which, to be fair, will be a pretty permanent fixture if you choose to get a themed tattoo.