28 hilarious Game of Thrones memes to get you through the week

28 hilarious Game of Thrones memes to get you through the week

Okay, everyone. Deep breath. Let's take a second to drink in that last episode of Game of Thrones, which I think was by far the best of this season so far. Forgetting the utter madness of Jon Snow and his doomed mission to bring back a White Walker, let's appreciate the gloriously bleak majesty of Beyond the Wall.

Not only did we get to see the Westeros version of the Magnificent Seven in action, we also got to see the escalation of tensions between sisters Stark Arya and Sansa, the budding relationship between Daenarys and Jon Snow, the surprise return of Uncle Ben, not to mention the death of Viserion, and the wider, bone-chilling consequences of his demise.

Let's process that episode in the only way I really know how to express my emotions: memes. What'cha got, Twitter?

1. We all know GoT isn't above a good incest plot...

2. To be honest, that was a hell of a throw

3. After the Red Wedding, I thought I was prepared for anything on this show. I wasn't

4. The Daenarys-Jon Snow shipping shows no signs of abating

5. Blue-Eyes Wight Dragon 

6. What a terrifying baby that would be 

7. People are really into this Jon Snow and Daenarys relationship, aren't they?

8. Like, seriously

9. It's happening all over again!

10. The timelines have been really rushed this season

11. Why did you have to go and throw that rock, Hound?

12. Hilarious... and also kind of creepy 

13. Seriously, all this guy has done this season is quietly smirk for like five weeks in a row

14. It's going to be so sad!!!

15. I see what you did there

16. The more I think about it, the more set in dragonstone this relationship appears

17. Was I the only one that thought Arya might turn on her sister there?

18. That was a pretty cool coat, I have to say 

19. Not going to lie, I was one of these people

20. It's not 2017 without the obligatory political tweet

21. Damn right

22. Poor choice of words there, Dany

23. You're not wrong

24. It's been a rough few years

25. Pretty much

26. Jon's idea really didn't go to plan

27. It's Super Bowl 51 all over again

28. What am I going to do with my life in two weeks' time?!

Whether you managed to have a peek at the leaked episode earlier this week or you're tuning in at the regular time, there's no doubt that this last episode has wider-reaching consequences on the rest of the season, the show as a whole, as well as my already pretty fragile emotional health. One more episode to go, everyone! In the meantime, let's enjoy these hilarious memes.