The actor who played Buzz in 'Home Alone' reveals his character's dark future

The actor who played Buzz in 'Home Alone' reveals his character's dark future

For most of us, the movie Home Alone is an important part of our childhood. Whether it's something you watched with your kids, saw later in life, or hit theatres at exactly the right spot in your childhood, it tends to be a beloved classic. The movie did phenomenally well at the box office, and continues to be played in homes every Christmas.

I know the festive period never feels complete in my house until we give it a watch.

It's a bit surprising when you look at what really happens in the movie. Not to say it isn't a funny, all-round entertaining film, but there is some pretty messed up stuff in there. For one, the family leaving one of their kids behind and even getting a plane before they notice is not great to begin with (something which gets worse when they do it again in the sequel). Then you've got Kevin's deadly actions, which while in self-defence, show a worrying skill for inflicting pain.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

With a little change of music and some editing you could change this into a horror movie where two hapless criminals are tortured by a vindictive boy, abandoned by his parents. Yet it's not just Kevin's actions that are on the darker side, since we have all known (and hated) the character of Buzz, his bullying older brother.

Buzz didn't exactly have much going for him at the time, and many fans have wondered over the years what exactly would happen to him outside of the movies. Now, 27 years after the first film debuted, we've got our answer. In an extra on the special edition DVD, there is a feature titled "Where's Buzz now?" in which the cast and crew weigh in on what exactly happened to him.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

"He's gotta be serving time somewhere for some offense. God knows it could be anything," stunt coordinator Freddie Hice said. The others guessed everything from surfer to teacher to dog catcher, while executive producer Scott Rosenfelt went said Buzz would be "either in Iraq, Afghanistan, on a police force somewhere or in jail."

To answer the question once and for all comes the actor who portrayed Buzz, Devin Ratray, who you may have seen acting in Blue Ruin, Nebraska and Louie. He explains exactly what his character got up to following the events of the film:

"I dropped out of high school my senior year and I ran off with Old Man Marley to join the circus. And I did end up in prison just like everyone thought for putting a donkey in a bathtub in the state of Iowa."

While that sounds like a dark route for the character to go down, he did manage some accomplishments along the way.

"While I was in jail, I finally ended up getting my PhD in marine biology and I am now the first marine biologist to identify and explain what trout sniffers are in the Mideast Atlantic. So yeah, I've been busy."

"I'm touring as Elvis. Not really as Elvis, just a one of his impersonators. I'm actually an Elvis impersonator impersonator. I impersonate Elvis impersonators."

You've got to admit, that wasn't what you were expecting. I do love the reference to Buzz's "trout sniffer" line from the movie though, and it's got me itching to watch the movie one more time.