Amy Schumer makes cameo appearance on 'Judge Judy' with her sister

Amy Schumer makes cameo appearance on 'Judge Judy' with her sister

74-year-old Judy Sheindlin is one of American television's great success stories. You might not have a clue who that is, and you're not alone.

Many college graduates who responded to a recent survey appeared not to realise who Sheindlin is either, as 10 per cent of them named her as a sitting US Supreme Court Judge (which she is not). You might know her better by her TV moniker Judge Judy and her eponymous show, which premiered in 1996.

On her show, despite being retired, Judge Judy oversees small claims cases and her judgements are binding as contributors sign a contract beforehand agreeing to abide by the results of this arbitration. Her wealth of experience as a Manhattan family court judge, in addition to her quick wit and sense of humour, have made Sheindlin a hit with fans across the world and produced unforgettable television moments like this.

The show repeatedly proves to be a ratings success ever since and in 2015, Sheindlin's contract with CBS Television Distribution was extended which means the show is scheduled to run until the 2020-2021 television season. One famous fan recently got the chance to appear in the show as a courtroom extra and she could not contain her excitement.

Comedian Amy Schumer has been revealed as a huge fan of the show and the internet can't get enough of her cameo appearance. The 36-year-old actress featured in the program as an extra alongside her sister Kim Caramele, as both women are avid watchers of the show. Several fans spotted Schumer in the audience and already began to wonder why the star of Inside Amy Schumer was present.

Schumer confirmed that indeed, it was her on the show. She explained that the show, which aired on Thursday 17 September, had been filmed in May and she even got the chance to take a seat in Judge Judy's chair and share a joke with the bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd.

Fame might have its downsides - lack of privacy, pressure to conform to certain beauty standards and many more - but it certainly also has its perks, one of which is being able to casually stroll on to the set of one of your favourite shows. Amy and Kim clearly had a blast, as did many incredulous fans who enjoyed spotting them.