Artist recreates Game of Thrones characters in the style of Tim Burton

Artist recreates Game of Thrones characters in the style of Tim Burton

So, another season of Game of Thrones has come to an end, and we're all left feeling a little lost knowing that we'll have to wait over a year for the next one. But what do we do until then? Re-watching old episodes might get you through for a while, and - if you're a fan of the books - skimming through the first few volumes might take the edge off the pain.

However, what we really need is new content. And while we can't get anything out of HBO just yet, there are some great artists out there who make pretty sweet fan art. Andrew Tarusov, an illustrator famous for his Tim Burton-style drawings, is one of these artists - and his work is fantastic.

Here's just some of his work to get you through the long winter:

1) Jon Snow

With his luscious locks and huge, worried-looking eyes, this is undeniably the King of the North. And, aww, he's even got an adorable little sword through his heart. How cute.

2) Daenerys 

Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, and all-round badass; Daenerys seems an obvious choice for a Burton-style drawing. The dragons are awesome, too.

3) Night King (and baby)

Who would have thought that The Night King could look this sweet? If all the white walkers looked like this, I doubt as many people would be afraid to go beyond the wall.

4) Arya and The Hound

Westeros' unlikely dream team portrayed here with surprising accuracy. The Hound appears fed-up, and Arya looks like she's ready to stab someone. Pretty on the nose, in my opinion.

5) Melisandre

The lady Melisandre here, thankfully portrayed with her necklace on. Perhaps it's the robe or the red dress, but she also seems a natural choice for this style. I guess her magical powers help, too.

6) Hodor and Bran

This portrayal was obviously based on earlier seasons, as Bran's a little bigger than this now, and Hodor is... well, Hodor's not doing much Hodor-ing these days.

7) Brienne and Tormund

If anyone can get to Brienne's cold heart, it has to be Tormund. Who could say no to that big, bearded smile? If there's ever a second Corpse Bride, these two would be the perfect couple for it.

8) Tyrion and Varys

Speaking of perfect couples, here's everyone's favourite bromance. Well, apart from Jaime and Bronn, perhaps. Looking appropriately sheepish and disgruntled as always, these two really fit the style.

9) The Mountain and Joffrey

And now for an odd couple. Aside from both being violent, dead inside, and eager to please Cersei, these two don't really have much in common. Oh, I guess there's the red eyes, too.

10) Cersei

Finally, the queen herself. It's difficult to make her look any more cold-hearted than she is on the show, but she definitely looks fitting on a Burton-esque iron throne.

You can find more of Tarusov's work on Instagram. Personally, I'm waiting on a direwolf picture - how cute would that be?