Behind the scenes footage shows Arya and Brienne rehearse that 'Game of Thrones' fight

Behind the scenes footage shows Arya and Brienne rehearse that 'Game of Thrones' fight

With Game of Thrones nearing its inevitable end, the penultimate season started streamlining the many story threads and grouping our favourite characters together. We will be waiting until 2019 for the show to return for its final episodes, but season seven gave us plenty to talk about in the meantime.

Aside from the monumental developments as these different storylines converge, fans were eager to see different characters they had been following for six years now come together and share the screen. Much of the season was dedicated to Jon Snow's meeting and subsequent interactions with Daenerys Targaryen, something viewers had been looking forward to for a long time. But not all these desired meetings were as dramatic as this.

GoT_Jon_Snow Credit: HBO

Brienne of Tarth, played by the actress Gwendoline Christie, has had a long arduous journey on the show. Often ridiculed for her ambition to be a fighter despite being a "feeble woman" (Westeros isn't exactly progressive), she doesn't get much respect from the world. This just makes it all the more satisfying when she kicks ass as an unbeatable warrior in the field.

Her journey isn't just a physical one, however.

She saw the king she had pledged allegiance to murdered in front of her, powerless to intervene and blamed for the killing afterwards. She then promised her sword to Catelyn Stark, who sent her to look after her daughters Arya and Sansa. That proved a particularly difficult task, as the family's dreadful bad luck (that's putting it lightly) left Arya roaming the wilderness alone, Sansa captive and forced into marriage, and Catelyn brutally murdered.

It came as an even greater defeat when she eventually found Arya, only to be rebuffed.

She didn't count on the fact that The Hound had become protective over the child he'd hoped to ransom, and they came to brutal blows. Arya chose to sneak off, giving Brienne reason to be a little peeved. That's what made their meeting back at Winterfell in this recent season so satisfying. Not only were the words they shared tense and full of emotion, but at Arya's insistence it escalated into a (non-lethal) fight, the very different warriors respectful of each others craft.

We can all agree that the above fight scene was cool as hell, but how could Arya, played by the 5'1 Maisie Williams, stand up to Gwendoline Christie's 6'3?

She had to use her wits, that's for sure, showing an amazing acrobatic display of the fighting skills she has earned over the show. Now, in this behind-the-scenes video, we get to see how they filmed the fight too.

The video, titled 'Warrior Women', showed that the actresses far more of the stunts than you would have expected them to, though some of the more complex moves were pulled off by stunt doubles. Williams pulls off one trick with her knife that was so quick I always just assumed they added it in with CGI.

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