Cosplayer who was hit by a chair from a balcony claims her costume saved her life

Cosplayer who was hit by a chair from a balcony claims her costume saved her life

Cosplay is a pretty big deal these days, there seems to be more and more conventions popping up all over the place as people enjoy dressing up as their favourite fictional characters and coming together to celebrate all things weird and wonderful. Whether you're all about dressing up as Harley Quinn, or lean the way of Darth Vader, cosplay conventions are the place for you.

However, while we may associate cosplay as simply a bit of harmless fun, it turns out it can also be potentially life-saving.

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A woman in Atlanta is recovering from injuries after being hit in the head by a chair in the early hours of Sunday morning, and she says if it wasn't for her cosplay outfit that she had on at the time, her injuries would've been much worse.

According to the police, chairs and bottles were thrown from the Marriott Marquis hotel in downtown Atlanta at 1:30am. They say that Kelly McDaniel was walking in a first floor area of the hotel when one of the chairs hit her on the head. Speaking to Fox 5 Atlanta, McDaniel said that initially she thought the falling chairs were gunfire, and described the terrifying experience:

"It really did sound like gunshots. We were scared and a lot of people (were) there so it's a mass panic.

"I feel this sharp pain and I thought maybe someone hit me with a water bottle. (I) saw chairs everywhere and someone dragged me inside. It was complete chaos."

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Paramedics rushed McDaniel to the hospital, where she was still dressed in her Loki costume from the Avengers movies. She thinks that her costume helped lessen the blow from the chair, and saved her from more serious damaged.

"I really think that saved my life," she said.

Another woman was hurt during the incident, and despite them both being released, McDaniel is calling on witnesses to contact the police if they have any information.

“I think they need to punished by the law for assault with a deadly weapon. I could have been really hurt,” she said.

The Director for Media Relations for DragonCon sent WSB-TV 2 a statement regarding the incident, which read:

"Two women at DragonCon were injured at the convention early Sunday morning when two chairs were dropped from an outside balcony on the 10th floor in the Marriott to a landing below. The women were treated and released at separate hospitals.

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"We are grateful that the injuries were not more severe. And we are proud of the Dragon Con attendees who stepped up quickly, realized the severity of the situation and provided immediate assistance.

"Atlanta Police Department is investigating."

The hotel also told the news channel that they have now taken measures to make sure that an incident like this doesn't happen again, although they wouldn't elaborate further on what those actions were.

So while we think cosplay might be a little bit weird, it turns out it might be life saving as well. I think I'll walk around in my batman outfit from now on.